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May 1999

Dear visitor,

For the best viewing result it is recommended to use the following settings.   None is a must.  As of 1997 I have written plain HTML verified it using THEN Netscape Gold 3.04, MS Explorer 3.02 and Opera 3.10, at different fonts and font sizes.  Needless to say the newer browsers such as Nestscape 4.7 and Explorer 5 are superior.  Still I would recommend:
  • screen resolution   800 x 600 or better       Window fonts (see below)
  • Java Script enabled browser
    Netscape   or   Explorer version 3 or higher
  • Font Size:
  • Netscape
    MS Explorer
    View Fonts Medium
  • Font type:
  • any MIDI plugin check it now Feel free to e-mail me if you observe any problem.
  • The designed fonts    
    Netscape size=12   or  
    MS Explorer fonts 3rd

    See below your installed fonts
    If they look similar to fonts on the left side column, then you are done.   Otherwise, find the right combination or download Fonts / alternative 1 / alternative 2

    Screen shot JPG file     Designed fonts Arial
    Comic Sans MS
    Old English
    Graphite Light

    Here is how to set up fonts.     Example using old Netscape 3

    Step 1

      Click on
    • Options
    • General Perferences
    • Fonts
    • Latin1
      (or another bank)
    triming fonts step 1

    Step 2

    • choose font

    Initially I used these fonts
    later switched to size=12

    Step 3

    • Options
    • Document Encoding
    • Latin1
      (or selected bank)
    triming fonts step 2
    triming fonts step 3
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