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" Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you."   -Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931) [Sand and Foam]

EVIL is the ABUSE OF POWER.  It begins when someone refuses to accept responsibility for the welfare of others, especially those who should take care of it.  EVIL begins to exist when someone who has power, by virtue of any superior position, key resources - such as wealth, money i.e. connections, abuse of any knowledge, physical strength, technology, weapons, mental strength or compulsion by religion, uses that power to exploit or harm others, or through lack of action, allows exploitation or harm to occur to them. (Adapted from Sibriv1 courtesy William Antonio Boyle, Ph.D. Silver Spring, MD, USA.)

Thus, in my humble opinion, the "Western Civilization" is as fake as the other cultures.  With the force of financial power it controls what we think and how we think and when we think it.  In this web-site I focus on the corrupted American and Israeli Judicial systems.  Undeniably, they give the masses the illusion that the law means something, but the truth is that they MANIPULATE the law by giving whatever interpretations they want to suit their purpose.  Some of us know this, and that makes us dangerous to them.  In fact, they abuse the law to crush us rather then correct an injustice.  World history tells us that powerful entities, because of their greed, have always exploited pawns, like helpless foreigners, colored minorities, and classes of different religions.

It's about time that this evil should be abolished.  I think that the cunning progression of social tensions in the western world is reaching a point of no return.  We should recall Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) who said:  "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all."

  Dougals Walker, my web/net friend added:   "how   we   resist   can make the difference whether we can resist another day."

  Joshua2 - another web/net friend - wrote:

"The United states is apparently the dominant political force on the world scene.  Consequently, it is assumed as the villain in various international paranoid fantasies involving conspiracies, cabals, plots, and financial manipulations.  Occasionally it is not easy to distinguish such fantasies from reality, and this is of consequence, since often the perception of American insidious activity by the populations of countries can become a significant element in international affairs."

    "To understand the connection between the twisted doctrines of some 'Christians' and the current laws of the United States, one might recall a document issued forty years before the historic voyage of Columbus in 1452.  Pope Nicholas V   gave permission to King Alfonso of Portugal 'to capture, vanquish, and subdue, all Saracens, Pagans, and other enemies of Christ,' to take all their possessions and property, and 'to put them into perpetual slavery.' "

  John H. St. John the writer of the Totem Gene wrote to me:

    "Government policy stems from the essentially anti-human nature of the corporations who control government today.  With few exceptions the American government is a committee to arrange the affairs of the major corporations.  Anti-immigrant policy like anti-Black policy or anti feminine policy is an expression of the corporations basic anti human and inhuman nature.  It stems from the reality that corporations, like gigantic pumps, take humans and natural resources in one end and spew them out at the other."

    This wrong U$A policy has never been changed, it's becomes more sophisticated.  For example, could you deny that foreigners are ultimately abused in the United States, because of their alienage solely?   In this web-site I focus on ultimate discrimination due to alienage.  I try to illustrate how do some hypocrite Americans abuse foreigners?

This ill treatment (in return) adversely affects too many good Americans, (regardless of their race, religion, gender or age) because the most of them are perpetually chained down to heavy toil by poverty more firmly than ever blacks had been chained by peonage.  From classical slavery, one might have been freed, but from poverty and alienage people will never get away, unless a major change would take place.

If one is eager to change this evil, then step one is to debunk the 'myths' - expose the falseness of the 'elites'.  That is quite difficult, and therefore, most people won't do it.  Hopefully enough, people to make a difference will become dispensers of knowledge, and spread the word.  This appears to be happening nowadays via internet.

Likely, America is headed to a civilized revolution, otherwise a deadly Civil War II could occure.  It is a matter of a few years, unless there would be an external war that might affect the course of events.  Therefore, it is not surprising me that American Presidents (either Republicans or Democrates) would occasionally divert people's mind towards external fake conflicts.  They act like all wealthy elites around the world, those who are organizing the worlds economies to benefit themselves solely.

Am I against the NWO?

NO !   I think there are people more evil than the NWO.

The NWO elites are successful because they are well organized.  They have the power and their motivation is greed.  They exploit the vacancy of the creator in the hurts of too many people, and they abuse their huge capital to implement their plans.  This might not be the case for the rest us.
Fortunately we (the pawns) may at least enjoy internet freely, thanks to exV.P. Al-Gore and . . . Yahoo! GeoCities, as well as other greedy corporation$ that follow the money.

"Bribes given to Third World officials most likely find their resting place in the banks of First World countries, which makes us accessories to the crimes."- Toronto Star, July 18, 2001

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