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Address Title Description
CapitolHill/1026 removed Sioux's
Indian Territory
promoting Native American activism and the truth for those who wish to see! supporters of AIM and Leonard Peltier; facilities include among others an email discussion list
CapitolHill/1064 Welfare-Mom probing issues of importance to low-income families
CapitolHill/1089 Zeppi's
European Politics
examing various sides of European politics
CapitolHill/1227 removed Free University
of Godz
[in Italian] The Free University of Godzilla (GODZ for short) a phenomenon of an antinormal school
CapitolHill/1557 Dutch Courage's Index a variety of topics, from politics to cultural information
CapitolHill/1781 removed The Patriot's Soapbox strong opinion from an American, mostly on political subjects
CapitolHill/1842 removed The Second
Republic of Texas
supports the proposition that Texas should be independant
CapitolHill/1847 removed Economics, Int'l Trade
and Foreign Aid
on logical economics and national security policy: topics including international trade, foreign aid, economic development, taxation, industrial policy, and America's national security policy
CapitolHill/1884 Revolutionary Socialist Resource a young (18) from Sweden, a socialist activist believes that the radical socialist movement should be extended to global communication and information exchange
CapitolHill/1894 Ain't It Fool? News place for news, debate information, & political studies, as told by a high schooler. It includes breaking & straight news, with some opinion too
CapitolHill/2054 removed Kate the Right's
Right wing, conservative politics and philosophy. Christian, Catholic, and Right to Life links
CapitolHill/2400 removed Super-Lefty Politicz presents information on socialist/communist ideas, current events and in real action. a mature teenager's point of view on abortion, women, human rights, boycotts and the environment
CapitolHill/2468 removed The Terrorism Research Center focuses on the gray area phenomenon of terrorism. it contains a monthly feature essay on a current issue relating to terrorism, as well as links to other terrorism related web sites and essays
CapitolHill/2656 Talk USA features original news stories and commentaries by an investigative reporter, with links to stories not easily found, as the watchdog of government
CapitolHill/2666 removed Spanish
Regional Politics
links and everything about Spain . . . the project started in Sweden as a help to a student about Spanish regional politics, how Spain coupes with it's etnical diversity . . .
CapitolHill/2694 Common Sense
in York, PA
strong feelings about human rights, human dignity and integrity in leadership, including political, civic, labor, religious and industrial
CapitolHill/2837 removed 1 World, 1 Nation dedicated to the creation of a global nation lead by a new political movement
CapitolHill/2853 New Communist
Party of Britain
stands for peace and nuclear disarmament, for freedom from want and exploitation
CapitolHill/3210 Graphical Politics; Economics Signs & Scenes on the Road to Serfdom (economics); also The Healing Wisdom of Dr. P. P.Quimby; and a comet
CapitolHill/3344 removed Int'l Affairs
and Politics
World News and International Affairs
CapitolHill/3470 The Liberal-at-Large! Home of the Yellow Dog Democrat is a place where you can express your opinions, read the historical documents that created our country, find out about some political symbols, and find out why I'm a yellow dog
CapitolHill/3565 removed Street Politics Ha-Ha-Ha caricatures of street politics
CapitolHill/3600 removed Freedom Ride '97 Freedom journey for 1998 had just began then . . .
CapitolHill/3681 From The Realm
of Misanthropy
Reflections on life from an apostated Mormon and a High Church Episcopal (Anglican)Atheist (Modernist)
CapitolHill/3709 removed Brazilian
Consulate in Miami
a service of the Brazilian Consulate General in Miami, offerring an updated information about Brazil and to assist the Brazilian community and tourists in the USA
CapitolHill/3749 removed Perceptions
and Politics
a research base for people interested in International Affairs and as a permanent home for the UN Issues mailing list Perceptions
CapitolHill/3900 The World of Welfare a resource guide for welfare workers, giving creative solutions and different perspectives to find better ways to administer welfare
CapitolHill/4259 Politics Unusual KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid; Check out historical documents, declarations and treaties
CapitolHill/4362 removed A Moderate's View The Moderate party combines Conservative ideology with Liberal tendancies and wants to form a society where the individuals experience freedom, independence and confidence
CapitolHill/4432 removed Liberal Democrats
for Bob Dole
A political satire of virtuecrat: Why should any liberal or Democrat support a Republican presidential candidate?
CapitolHill/4523 Italian Shark's
The center for historical truth in politics
CapitolHill/4837 removed As minhas viagens Cybernauticas [Portugese] The City of Coimbra and the Mission of the Portuguese Forces in Bosnia; also a nice introduction to Portugal
CapitolHill/5021 CPS - Child Protection Society against child ponography
CapitolHill/5202 Plawiuk Pontificates a collection of original articles and links from the left
CapitolHill/5294 removed Intelligyst Group world wide commentaries
CapitolHill/5805 Corruption In Michigan Courts dedicated to exposing injustices against citizens by the Courts; features a Hall of Shame for Judges and Prosecutors, who have placed their own political agendas before the Constitution; Nominate your favorite criminal justice page for the CIMC Justice Page of the Week!
CapitolHill/6228 moved Elections U.S.A. Elections U.S.A. Regular updates of political campaigns in all states and detailed results of all presidential, gubernatorial, and U.S. Senate elections 1948-98
CapitolHill/6608 removed The Home of Freedom lots of useful information, complete with the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, State of the Union Speeches. Also: NASCAR, FIA, NFL Results; Religious/Biblical Commentary; HTML Help; MIDI Music, Chat doors and more...
CapitolHill/6626 Freewillie's FreeLand! libertarian site dedicated to Freedom and has many offerings of interest. It has many good graphics, sounds and links to other freedom-oriented, unique and handy web-sites
The End is Liberty; the Means is Reason
CapitolHill/6645 Something Stinks
in Wabash
a petition demanding justice For Jim Mitchell, John Swan in Indiana with thoutful links
CapitolHill/7017 removed Anarchism and Revolutionary Syndicalism in Africa a collection of African political images
CapitolHill/7156 The Final Step thousands of silent women taking a stand against the repression imposed upon them, as the survivors of domestic violence living in hiding
CapitolHill/7372 Internet Virtual Prison The first Internet Virtual Prison. Place anything or anyone in here
CapitolHill/7859 Conservative Oasis focuses on a simple black and white world with no compromise with the evil - washed-away moral principles, choosing the lesser evil for the sake of unfair advantage while forgetting the traditional American Constitution
CapitolHill/8169 Pro Death Penalty brininging facts and hot stats from the social sciences; executions are definitely a deterrent to crime; also info on a deterrence effect of private gun ownership on violent crime
CapitolHill/8700 removed Politics and Policy The most comprehensive guide to political and policy links on the Internet
CapitolHill/9118 NAPI - Native American Political Issues Exploring the continuing political and legal clashes between the Native American Indians and the U.S. Government
CapitolHill/9302 Stop Abuse of Power dedicated to stopping abuses by governments, especially those of the American and Israeli legal systems
CapitolHill/9994 removed The Radical's Domain Anti-Militarism; Socialism and Social Revolution; site is part of Aphrodite's Crystal Palace
CapitolHill - CONGRESS - Lobby - Parliament - Senate
Congress suburb was openned after featured program had ended
CapitolHill - Congress - LOBBY - Parliament - Senate
Address Title Description
CapitolHill/Lobby/1372 removed GWI - Gulf War Illness Thousands of American Desert Storm Vets have died and more are dying due to GWI; Vets Babies are being born with many abnormalities due to GWI Why Mr. President? Who has the Power to correct this situation?
CapitolHill/Lobby/1996 removed NROL 2 a club created for high school juniors and seniors at Keene High School who are not deemed "special" by their faculty and community
CapitolHill/Lobby/2170 Left Justified devoted to ending bigotry, intolerance and censorship in the united States, and to fighting the extreme right
CapitolHill/Lobby/5819 removed Giddings Police Department the structure of the Giddings Police Department;
their goals and mission statemen;
dedicated to the officers and support personnel around the world protecting the lives of anyone and everyone without discrimination
CapitolHill/Lobby/5838 removed Rationality Intro devoted to reason that the only proper philosophical guide of reason is Objectivism, and the only proper political system is Capitalism
CapitolHill/Lobby/6866 Kitchener-Waterloo Lawyer a directory to legal sites by a Canadian lawyer
CapitolHill/Lobby/7200 Loon - Your favorite crazy Canadian 'zine A crazy zine featuring a mix of political commentary and great entertainment!
CapitolHill - Congress - Lobby - PARLIAMENT - Senate
Parliament suburb was openned after featured program had ended
CapitolHill - Congress - Lobby - Parliament - SENATE
Address Title Description
CapitolHill/Senate/5050 No to USFSPA brings to the public eye, the injustice of the UNIFORMED SERVICES FORMER SPOUSAL PROTECTION ACT. it is meant to promote patriotism and pride in our men/women who served to keep us free
CapitolHill/Senate/5401 Welfare Reform: PRWORA--the end of America as we know it the individual senior thesis project of an Evergreen State College graduate, laid out in eye-pleasing HTML format, on Welfare Reform Legislation

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