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Every person deserves an opportunity to seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in an environment that is free from abuse of power, the harmful effects of bigotry, intolerance, and discrimination.

Abuse is the use of any power unfairly.  The use of power (force) per-se is not evil, but its ABUSE is EVIL.  Everyone has the right to self-defense, i.e. the right to use force LEGALY to retaliate against those who FIRST start the use of force.  Using force in retaliation (self-defense) against those who had initiated it is not just a moral option, but a moral requirement.

ONLY government has a monopoly on the use of physical force.  A government is NOT only permitted to retaliate and defend against those who initiate force, but it MUST act if a resident was forcibly affected by another who initiated force or abused power.

The State must continuously improve the quality of public education for every child.

Separation of State from Religion and Religious Liberty
All people should have a commitment to tolerance, diversity and civil liberty.

Free Expression should be preserved for anyone except,
untruthful statements, unfounded allgeations and hate mongering!

Equal Rights
The State should preserve and defend on diversity of cultures, races and beliefs
except an action that does undermine this principle.

Hereby I demand the enforcement of the law, while ensuring equal rights and opportunities for anyone.  In particular, a government and its civil servants may not apply the law selectively. . . (excusing it by pretexts)

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