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Most of the people would believe the fallacy that the western democracies are driven by the majority.

The "New World Order" wash our brains that (theoretically) any individual should have an equal opportunity.  In the real world, most of the people could never enjoy such a fair opportunity.  While the basic goal of any person is to survive, the NWO would ever abuse its power in an attempt to obtain an unfair advantage over the rest.  This is the human nature!

The "winners" become the ruling class - corporations and governments - a minority that would ever abuse it's ultimate power.  To achieve their goals the members of the NWO apply sophisticated strategies, knowing that most of the people think by fixed patterns.  These thinking patterns are not "knowledge" but a result of a brain-wash caused by commercial promotions and government propaganda.  These are becoming more and more dominant nowadays.  Still too many "ordinary people" are not aware that they are captives by this class.  Some of them innocently believe they have the freedom over their own lives.  Unfortunately they are quite wrong, as illustrated in this web-site.

  In my referenced pages I wish to set things right, to expose the hypocrisy of the so called "justice system."  Iceberg tip is just emerging, un-covering the corrupted civil services of The United States and Israel.
  This web-site

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left until the year 3000!

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Who has freedom in Israel?
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