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This is a petition against ABUSE of RIGHTS by "Uncle Sam."  How does
the ruling class in the U.$. keep the world open for your exploitation?
Polls show the majority of the American society say,
"People Before Profits."
Even the conservatives accept this view.  Based on this,
how could you explain that 1% of the population owns 40% of the wealth?

What Went Wrong: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
War for World Dominance
Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy
PBS reports: "sweeping expansion of
the government's police powers"

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U.S. gov abuses Science

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Immigration (old) News

My Articles & Reviews
Aliens are not pets!
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  1. American policy regarding immigration
    There is no questioning the fact
    that American employers discriminate against
    aliens in employment.

  2. How do some Americans abuse foreigners?
    Greedy employers abuse any means
    (legal and illegal)
    if they think they won't get caught.

  3. Why do some Americans abuse foreigners?
    The Executive Branch does practically nothing
    to enforce the law over greedy employers!
    Read an outstanding forecast made in 1934.

  4. Do Americans sustain slavery
    of aliens?
    Civil-Rights List 1995

  5. Debates on Pubpol-L
    Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs

  6. American Style Apartheid
    Beware, strong opinions are expressed within
    this page, which is devoted to the countless
    victims of discrimination by the American
    Judicial System.

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Abolish the "Service"

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Actual policy regarding immigration
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My case as an example
Exposing injustice in the US justice system

Other Great Pages

  1. Dr. Tavel's  Immigration Page
      it's not a lawyer commercial

  2. Do immigrants hurt the economy?
      Recall how this nation came about

  3. US Citizen or State Citizen?
    Is there a difference?

  4. Whither America, Whither the World
    How does hypocrisy undermine democracy
    paving the way for neo-slavery,
    promoting apathy and ultimate abuse

  5. Articles from the Golemalways

Great   Pages & Articles

  1. US firms blocking stem cell research
    the treatment of major diseases
    is blocked because of greed

  2. Uncle Sam pushes the buttons
    UN shields for U$ Imperialism

  3. The Sup Ct Anomalous Approach
    to Alienage Discrimination

    Welfare Reform Law deny public
    benefits to legal immigrants in the USA

  4. The roots of the evil
    How and why is the legal system
    in such a terrible condition?

      by Ronald Bibace
    Constitutional Guardians of America

  5. Why Alienage Jurisdiction?
    Historical Foundations and Modern
    Justifications for Federal Jurisdiction
    Over Disputes Involving Noncitizens

  6. Obstruction of Justice
    Involvement of federal judges and
    Supreme Court justices through coverups
    and obstruction of justice in serious
    criminal and subversive activities

  7. PATRICK Crusade
    Examines the Case of Patrick Swiney
    corruption within the Legal System.
    A group of people alligned
    to replace injustice and cruelty in prisons
    with humanitarianism.

  8. Crime and Punishment in America
    Is there ANY Justice in the U.S.
    Criminal Justice System?

  9. BAD Judges AND
    What to Do About Them

  10. Corruption in Michigan Courts
    Herein THE TRUTH unlike in the court room

  11. Project On Government Oversight

  12. Gov`t Corruption
    Introduction and description of
    widespread government corruption

  13. Heritage
    Organized Crime, Organized Labor, and
    Corruption Of The Federal Grants Process

  14. Fraud, Waste & Abuse
    Government Waste Hotline

  15. Defrauding America
    interesting book by Rodney Stich

  16. Corporate Criminals of the 1990's

  17. Clearcut for Corporate America
      Native Americans are speaking

  18. Public Denied Hearing at Public Hearing

  19. Abuses and Usurpations

  20. Indiana Dave
    What is the argument of tyrants?
    What is the creed of slaves?
    Are taxes imposed for personal profits?
    Who does make criminals and why?

  21. What does Future in America Hold?
      What traits are needed to support the pillar?

  22. The U.S. Constitution
    Its Sources and Its Applications

  23. Crime Connections on the Web
      an outstanding directory (but long)

  24. Ideals of Freedom in America
      Get priorities in the right order!

  25. Stop Child Abuse   (touchy)

  26. Writings of Claire Wolf
      Courtesy Liberty Activists - quite serious !

Still I am trying to educate thick skuls, forcing some daylight in there.
Isn't it huge undertaking?
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 'Stop Abuse of Power' WebRing 

The masses think they have more influence than they actually do have,
while in fact they are absolutely influenced by the global financial sharks.
Our democracies are the cover up by which the elite groups (political
and business sharks of the U$A) manipulate the masses. U.S. legal system is
manipulated to advance the elite interests and oppress any threat to their power.
Still these "democracies" are better than tyrannies that impoverish the masses
quite faster than "democracies" do.
This Abuse of Power Ring site is owned by Doron A. Tal.
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