'Stop Abuse' has been a member of these Yahoo! Groupsand more see profile
  1. Abused By The System
  2. Say NaYea To Fitnah I quit this club of
    Fitnah-Mongers Posing as good Muslims
    Their founder condemed the Talmud, but
    he would not tolerate criticism of Islam
  3. Palestine's Issues I was banned from this
    "den" of Hate Mongering individuals
  4. Liberate Palestine another group devoted
    to abolish Zionism in the name of
    Arab "freedom fighters"
  5. Israel and Palestine Forum
    Forum for sophisticated Israeli/Palestian debate
  6. International Community
    One Planet Earth, One Human Race, One Destiny
  7. Global Affairs
    Discuss world politics, ecology & economics
  8. Political Theories
    Discuss political theories
  9. CapitolHill Community
    Federal Political Issues of Public Concern
  10. Politically Incorrect Cafe
    A place to discuss national and global issues
  11. Wasabidoh
    A place for gov't, science, and opinions
  1. People Against Power Abuse
  2. People Against Hate
    a place to vent your frustration with hate!
  3. JIHAD for PEACE
    Here we strive for salam-shalom peace
  4. The Holocaust
    The Holocaust, its hatreds, and its denial
  5. Common Ground for Human Concerns
    only the title was promising. . .
  6. Global Day of Mass Protests
    against corporate exploitation; still lurking
  7. International Understanding
    A multi-cultural meeting place
  8. The New Middle East
    The Hope for a New Middle East
  10. Standing with Israel
    Place of Solidarity with the people of Israel
  11. GLORY 4 YOU
    Together we can change the world !
  12. Abolition Global Caucus promotes
    international dialogue on key nuclear issues
  13. YAH00 Complaints

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