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STOP ABUSE Directory, Power Tends to Corrupt - Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
This site is NOT about a conspiracy theory.
Find here TANGIBLE evidence, or else goto
other sites, [ 1-Choose your own conspiracy,
2-NWO Chronological History, 3-Drug War,
4-Drug Trafficking, 5-Pro Paranoid? ]. . .
Even if you do not agree with everything on this website,
you may still agree that it was worth reading.
Focus on:
1.   Global
2.  U$A
3.  UK
4.  Israel
5.  PNA
This is a petition against The Hypocrisy - ABUSE of RIGHTS human and
civil by the establishment.  How does the ruling class keep the world
open for your exploitation?
  Focus is made on Hate Mongering, induced
fears behind religious dogma and superstition, Selective Enforcement,
ABUSE of Foreign Workers, White Collar Crime, Science Fraud, disregard
of Whistle Blowers, Environment Petitioners and Peace Seekers -
all here is based on tangible evidence.  Our rulers Divide and Conquer!
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Stop Abuse Ring
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  Global Issues   

When Corporations Rule the World

Echelon Watch SEE a new window
Echelon is perhaps the most powerful
intelligence gathering organization
in the world.  Reports suggest that
this network is being used to spy
on everyone, including internet.
Echelon Message Board

ABUSE OF POWER SEE a new window
Report on government corruption,
big business dirty tricks, and
notable conspiracy theories

Science Fraud you may get info by e-mail as well
Discussion of Fraud in Science.  It only takes
ONE rotten apple to spoil the barrel!
more info

Without Impunity  SEE a new window
The battle against impunity is essential
for the respect of human rights.

Corruption Parade each link a new WINDOW
CPI = Corruption Perception Index
1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,
Corruption Surveys and Indexes

Unido Watch   Obsolete website
World Citizens Against Corruption,
Abuse of Power, Human Rights and
Violations Inside the UN System.

IMF Escalate War
against Corruption
 SEE a new window

  Yugo: Are we willing to face the truth?
Capitol Hill Whatever . . . Interview with Stop_AbuseJune 1999
Has the society learned anything ever since?

Effects of war: moral knowledge, revenge, reconciliation
and medicalised concepts of "recovery"

Western health professionals and the public have a misguided image of war
and its aftermath that is often far removed from the actual experience of
non-westernised societies. A British psychiatrist looks at the effects of war
and at the belief that the emotional reactions of victims of war should be modified.

Why is economic theory so screwed-up?
Is the end in sight?  SEE a new window
Where there is no vision,
the people perish.
-- Proverbs 29:18
Humans are genetically predisposed to believe in mystics,
UFO's, Neo-Classical-Economic-Theory, good-luck charms, etc.
We evolved to believe in all kinds of gods, including the "Free Market" God. . .

 "Global Affairs" WebRing 
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Mainstream media are heavily influenced by the economic and political super powers. Chief editors are deliberatey limiting the spectrum of viewpoints that have access to mass media. Thus the dominant media conglomerates abuse disinformation to satisfy their own needs.

A directory to American Hypocrisy

Focusing on Abuse of Foreigners

People before lawyers
People before Lawyers' Profit

Directory to Israeli Hypocrisy

Who is the major financing entity behind this said ''NGO'' ?
Who is financing this said "NGO" ?

Directory to PEACE and TOLERANCE

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Power Tends to Corrupt - Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

'Stop The Abuse of Power' WebRing
is dedicated for sites presenting tangible FACTS about human rights' abuse,
lack of (or selective) enforcement, abuse of power by executive or judicial branches,
abuse of religion by religious authorities, waste of natural resources,
pollution, disinformation, discrimination, covering-up fraud or
dangerous experiments, government corruption etc.
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Global Affairs
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Global Affairs
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