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Doron Avraham Tal (Türkel) was born on 5 Mar 1947, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem, to Olga Ackerman and Israel-Menachem Türkel.  He graduated B.Sc. Physics in 1974 and in 1977 he was qualified M.Sc. Electro-Optics and Molecular Physics (Techinon, Haifa, Israel).  Since 1977 he has served as a civil servant with RAFAEL, Israeli Armament Development Authority, first 1977-1982 as a physicist, then 1982-1984 project coordinator, 1984-1987 system engineer, 1987-1990 project manager and from 1990 to 1992 he was on a long sabbatical leave in the United States.  Doron retired early from his duties as a civil servant in 1993 due to his activity as a whistle blower, and was engaged in legal actions. Doron has been a social activist collaborated with a few Israeli NGOs, fighting against political corruption.
Hobbies: Music Piano since 1955, Singing since 2012, Radio Amateur since 1957.
Residence locations: 1947-1948 Jerusalem, Palestine/Eretz-Israel;
1948-1975 Haifa, Israel; 1975-1984 Qiryat Yam, Israel; 1984-1990 Karmiel, Israel; 1990-1992 Plainsboro, NJ, USA and from 1992 until now back in Karmiel, Israel; Doron has been married since 1974 to Ilana having four grown up children all engaged in Music and Arts.

In addition to this website, AKA "Stop Abuse", Doron maintains the "Turkel Tribe", an ongoing genealogical research concerning Jewish families originated in Middle/East European Galicia, as well as websites dedicated to Radio Amateur ActivityQRZ, QSL.

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