Was RAFAEL engaged with Energia?

It's not as complicated as it seems at first glance. . .

Who was behind the sabotage of my private car? מדוע הייתה זו טעות למנות את מר אליקים רובינשטיין לשופט בבית המשפט העליון
The Israeli police unreasonably dismissed my Aug 1997 complaint over sabotage of my private car.   Police failed to inform me that my complaint had been closed, because the "violators had never been found" [sic].   Needless to say the police had never investigated it . . . I have filed a petition and the case was reopened. However it has been stalled by the Elyakim Rubinstein when he was the Attorney General . . . high ranked civil servants were interested parties, they had abused a libelous letter (written by Energia's owner) in attempt to impose on me an early retirement from the civil service also intimidated me!
Stay tuned for the full story.

The Libel Case
On Feb 28, 1999, the 10th witness on my behalf testified in a related civil proceeding over libel, at the District Court in Jerusalem.  Two months earlier this court has already granted me an interlocutory decision finding that Dr. Moshe Lavid made a LIBEL against me!

State Attorney filed (May 5, 1999) summations on behalf of six high ranked State employees (defendants).  On May 24th this court has partly denied my lawsuit only with respect to the State Employess who apparently abused the proven LIBELOUS letter.  Hon. Judge Ben-Zimra erred when he concluded that I had failed to prove a malicious action on befalf of the defendants. Moreover he errounously concluded that failed to sue over negligience...  Anyone who reads the original lawsuit would realize that I had timely and clearly alleged neglegience alternatively.

Therefore on July 13, 1999, I've filed my appeal before the Sup. Ct., pleading that the admissible evidence would show that state employees defendants had never acted in good faith, i.e. MALICE.  In particular, I alleged they've lied under oath and provided a forged document to the district court!  The police has stayed away from investigating my allegation over obstruction of justice.  Hon. Judge Ben-Zimra disregarded the involvement of the police and never investigated my allegation concerning forgery of evidence presented before Judge Ben-Zimra.

Supreme Court
On June 13, 1999, the same court granted my motion to include a monetary relief over non-monetary damages.  On the other side, Dr. Moshe Lavid (the defendant) was granted to file his defense over my amended pleading.  On Oct 5, 1999, the Court decided that the remaining dispute is over the amount of liability over non-monetary damage.  Another year has been wasted.  Following the final verdict given on May 22, 2000, I filed my complementary appeal at the Supreme Court.  The Supreme's Court proposed the parties to reconcile.  I agreed but my opponents remained silent...

The Sup. Ct. initially refrained from hearing the case, the parties were ordered to file sumations.  In April 2001 the Court on its own motion decided to hear this case.  However the hearing session has been posponed three times.

On Jan 20, 2002, I have revoked my appeal.

A breach of an employment contract
- was RAFAEL engaged in this fraud?

My lawsuit at the Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem, over Breach of employment contract in the United States, Docket No. 2-91/97, has been delayed by the... Labor Court!   On Oct 27, 1998, following a year of proceedings, this Court disqualified its jurisdiction.  Case however has been pending since Nov 2001 at the National Labor Court in Jerusalem.

On June 24, 1999, the Chief Judge (Regional Labor Court in Haifa) denied all defendant's motions and granted me to file an affidavit and a proposal for a verdict on or before July 1st, 1999.  So I did.  However, on July 17, 1999, Hon. Judge Doron Maiblum passed away . . . R.I.P. Judge!

Consequently the case file was disposed to the new appointed Chief Judge, Cohen, who further disposed it to another judge, etc. etc.  The fifth (5th) judge, Hon. Ita Katzir, has decided that all Lavid's motions were without merit, thus Moshe Lavid and his wife Nira should have paid expenses on or before March 2000, which they failed to do timely.

I have contested that Energia might have filed an affidavit on or before June 1, 2000, supporting their defense (as filed December 1997) but they have absolutely failed. . . like failing to appear in court several times until Demeber 31, 2000, when they apppeared with their second appointed attorney.

Later (on December 31, 2000) they surprised the court and me proposing to file an ameded defense, while I moved the court to accuse them over obstruction of justice.

On September 5, 2001, Hon. Judge Katzir has graciously granted the Lavids an amended pleading for their defense, BUT denied ALL their other motions and in particular to dismiss the case.

Hon. Judge Katzir ordered the parties to file affidavits in support of their pleading documents.  However the Lavids moved the national Labor Court for an appeal over Judge Katzir's decision. 

Their motion for an appeal was granted on Nov. 7. 

This appeal has been heard on Jan 22, 2002, but there is no official written record of the hearing. . . after which the National Labor Court reversed on April 4, 2002, the decision of the Regional Labor Court in Haifa previously given on Sept. 5, 2001. 

On July 9, 2002, I filed my petition with the Israeli Supreme Court, sitting as High Court of Justice - BAGATZ 5980/02Stay tuned!

the cover-up
Injustices and abuse
of Civil Servants
  • Dr. Bone at the Israeli Sup. Ct.
    High Court asked RAFAEL:
    Why civil servant's dismissal
    would not be revoked?
      No proper
    answer has ever been given !
  • Mr`s Fogel and Yaniv full verdict
    at the National Labor Ct. in Jerusalem
    Hebrew Text (202 Kb, 10 GIF pages)

    How has RAFAEL lost its appeal
    at the National Labor Court?
  • Mr. Israel F.
    High Court condemned RAFAEL!
    Has the State of Israel deceived
    its emploee - a civil servant,
    just before his dismissal ?
    Why had they refused to give him
    the same benefits as I've gotten?
  • The saga of Mr. Shlomo Shaked
    I would not believe this story
    if I did not attend at courts, observing
    what they had done to him. . .
  • Fried the Inventor
    lost to the IAI

    An Israeli physicist holding
    U.S. Patent over missiles
    lost his own patent to IAI.

    First they had let him file
    a patent, but then robbed it
    from him!

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