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Do Americans Abuse Aliens?
  • Are foreigners pets?
  • Why is there no freedom and justice equal for all?
  • Why should the U.S. government not protect non-immigrant aliens from abuse by greedy employers?
  • You may find in this site stricking evidence about the ultimate abuse of a foreigner in the United States.
  • Here, unlike in the Courtroom, we deal in the TRUTH.
  • This is a place where the authorities should be the defendants.
  • Who is responsible for this scam?

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    An overview of my case

      This web site is a part of my struggle.   I have been a victim of ''white collar'' crimes.   Still I'm contesting legally over nine years.

      The immigration ''service'' abused the law apparently.   In December 1991, an INS investigator advised me to make a charge, alleging discrimination because of . . . National Origin, under the provisions of IRCA, 8 U.S.C. 1324b.
       Despite the employer's denial, the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) found that this employer (M.L. Energia, Inc.) indeed fired me.   Moreover, the OSC concluded the reason for my discharge was . . . because I had refused to collaborate in fraud.   Yeah, the OSC was d__n right, but it was a legal trick intended to dismiss the whole case.   There is a reason to believe that INS officers had been engaged in racketeering activity; they improperly helped my employer to obtain an H-1 visa my beneficiary.   I was unaware to this misconduct.

    Still I wonder, why had ACLU never responded to my call for a help?
    Any person who believes that the Department of Justice should help victims of white collar crimes, and discrimination because of alienage, is kindly requested to write a short letter to Honorable Janet Reno, asking her, why would the INS District Office in Newark, NJ, not enforce the INA (Immigration Nationality Act) predicated on a pretext saying: LACK OF RESOURCES, while another agency of the DOJ had already investigated this case, has had all the proofs, but would stay aside without an explanation.  Why has the INS Commissioner failed to answer my letter? Why has the US Embassy in Tel Aviv has failed to respond to my letter? Why has the US Secretary of Labor failed to enforce the FUTA?   In addition the Attorney General of New Jersey should explain why certain recordings of legal proceedings were erased and abridged by the State.

    This web site is hereby entered into the public domain for the sake of undoing abuse of information in Israel.   Quote extensively, clip and paste, cross-post, do whatever. . .  Comments, feedback, condemnation, and roses can be sent to or in private to Doron Tal.

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