A translation of a Hebrew letter published in Ha`aretz July 21, 1998

"Political Verdict Distortion"

"Israeli Supreme Court verdicts again and again reflects the political views of the judges, disregarding pure legal aspects.   When a complaint is against the government likely sympathetic to this court, it evades ruling or decides in contrary to its other verdicts issued recently.

An example is a recent petition filed by seven professors and important public people, who claim that giving away areas of the land of Israel if prohibited by certain statutes and accordingly it may be deemed a violation of the Israeli law.

The president of the Supreme Court barred hearing this petition giving a pretext, it is a political issue.   The petitioners wonder: and what about other petitions, politically affiliated the this court has chosen to hear?   The criterion to bar a petition should be whether it is based on the law and not the political affiliation of the petitioner.   The Israeli Supreme Court may not ignore the law according to its political preference."

Yair Parag and Arie Zaritsky
Members in Professorsfor a Strong Israel

Translated from of a Hebrew letter published in Ha`aretz July 21, 1998