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Doron Avraham Tal (Türkel) was born on 5 Mar 1947, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem, to Olga Ackerman and Israel-Menachem Türkel.  He graduated B.Sc. Physics in 1974 and in 1977 he was qualified M.Sc. Electro-Optics and Molecular Physics (Techinon, Haifa, Israel).  Since 1977 he has served as a civil servant with RAFAEL, Israeli Armament Development Authority, first 1977-1982 as a physicist, then 1982-1984 project coordinator, 1984-1987 system engineer, 1987-1990 project manager and from 1990 to 1992 he was on a long sabbatical leave in the United States.  Doron unwillingly retired from his duties as a civil servant in 1993 due to his activity as a whistle blower, and was engaged in legal actions. Doron has been a social activist colaborated with a few Israeli NGOs, fighting against political corruption. Residence locations: 1947-1948 Jerusalem, Palestine/Eretz-Israel; 1948-1975 Haifa, Israel; 1975-1984 Qiryat Yam, Israel; 1984-1990 Karmiel, Israel; 1990-1992 Plainsboro, NJ, USA and from 1992 until now back in Karmiel, Israel; Doron has been married since 1974 to Ilana having four grown up children all engaged in Music and Arts.

In addition to this website, a/k/a "Stop Abuse", Doron maintains the "Turkel Tribe", an ongoing genealogical research concerning Jewish families originated in Middle/East European Galicia.

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