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  This Magazines Supporting Middle East Peace Process site owned by Doron Tal.
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Amplify the voice of moderates getting away from violent extremists

Jewish-Arab co-existence

The only way to make peace is a continuous cooperation and dialog
 המפקד הלאומי
Middle East peace watch
The   Israeli   counterpart

This peace group was started by a Jordanian fellow Ameen Hannoun
and an Israeli guy Ami Isserof, to further the cause of peace in the Middle East
through dialog, common action and neighborly interaction.
It is open for anyone to join!

MEW - Middle East Web Organization

  • Middle East Historical and Peace Process Documents
  • Plan Dalet According to Israeli sources this plan was primarily defensive in nature. According to pro-Palestinian historians it was the basis for the subsequent expulsion of the Arabs by Israeli forces. Visit this link and make up your own mind on this score.

Chaim Herzog Center for Middle East Studies and Diplomacy
Historical Documents: If you don't believe what anyone says about Israel-Palestine agreements, then read it yourself !

The Middle East Farce CapitolHill web-site
Site owner attempts to educate visitors on the "half-truths thrown at the people by the press in order for them to think in an acceptable manner" [sic].  To aid in search for truth, the parts of the many agreements that haven't been kept are marked in red.  If you know of any more, please feel free to comment.

Song Of The Dove CapitolHill web-site
If they all believe in the same God, then why are they so busy killing each other?
Read this web-site to understand it and realize whether there could be a different way to Middle East peace.

Peace Home     Zohar Tibi presents CapitolHill web-site

The Hall of Peace In The Middle East CapitolHill web-site
This site is dedicated to safe, warm, friendly and long lasting PEACE in the middle east and the ways of achieving it.  Site owner felt his right and duty to do whatever he could to promote peace in the region, and to criticize previous Netaniyahu's government which was leading Israel away of the peace momentum.

Israel-Palestine dialog group in the USA
This is the homepage of Len and Libby Traubman, who have organized a living room dialog group on the US West Coast together with Arab Americans.   An Article about the Traubmans

Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam   "Oasis of Peace"
This is an outstanding page of a unique village in Israel, established jointly by Jews and Palestinian Arabs of Israeli citizenship.   They are engaged in educational work for peace, equality, and understanding between the two peoples.

Beit Hagefen     It is an Arab-Jewish Cultural Center, in Haifa, Israel.

PCPD Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy.

Oz Veshalom-Netivot Shalom
This is a non-political organization dedicated to the ethics of tolerance, pluralism, and justice. They seek to effect a fundamental change within the national religious community and throughout Israeli society countering extremist political arguments that have erroneously placed the value of the Land of Israel ahead of human life, justice, and peace.

Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy
PCPD is a non-profit Palestinian NGO dedicate to promoting concepts of democracy, peace, social justice, human rights and civic education in the Palestinian areas.

Palestinian History
It started as an attempt to present a fair review of history by a Palestinian Arab.
It's a pity that this page has never been continued.

This page attempts to dispel the myths that the Anti-Israel forces throughout the world try to maintain. There are a few hot topics that are ususally used in the news and other venues in order to defame Israel.

Jewish-Palestine dialog group in Switzerland
This is the homepage of the Basle Palestinian-Jewish Dialog Group.   They have prepared and posted a joint declaration about the principles of an Israel-Palestinian peace accord, which you will certainly want to examine and perhaps endorse.

Home page of Ray Hanania
Ray is an able spokesman for peace and for the Palestinian cause. He is former National President of the Palestinian American Congress, former Spokesman for the Arab American Congress for Palestine (1977-1982), former editor, the Middle Eastern Voice Newspaper, member of AAI, ADC and AAUG, also an author and writer.

Reut Sadaka
An Israeli organization devoted to promote dialog between Arabs and Jews.

Home page of Prof. Ada Aharoni
Information about peace congresses and other projects related to Israeli-Palestinian peace.   This page has peace poems, letters to Anwar Sadat and much more.   Horizon An electronic Magazine: PAVE PEACE THROUGH CULTURE AND LITERATURE.

Peres Center For Peace They say it is a non-political organization, while they are developing tomorrow's peace, attempting to dictate it to Bibi's government.   Although they abuse the term "non-political" (they are very political), I would ever bless them to pursuit real peace.

"Peace Now"
Global Peace Conncetions (English)
Americans For PEACE NOW
Peace Now

Dor Shalom is an organization
committed to impact the future shape of Israeli society to breathing new life into the values of peace, tolerance, democracy and social justice, and to preserving the values of Jewish heritage.

B'Tselem is an organization
monitoring and documenting human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and advocating for a positive change.   I have observed certain occasions that they twisted the facts.   However, their goal is blessed and thus I wish they verify each and every claim they make, for the sake of the truth and justice for all.

Human Rights Action Project, Birzeit University

Religion for Peace Organization URL unavailable
RPO is an organization, founded in 1995
by the (ex) Israeli Minister of Religious Affairs,
Prof. Shimon Shetreet.

Wi'am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center

International Center for Peace in the Middle East web site is closed

Ariga peace related articles and links. Home Page
A central non-affiliated Israeli Peace Site.   From this site you can get to almost any site that has something to say about peace, including "Peace Now," "Meretz," etc., and Palestinian sites such as Bir Zeit University. Ariga: News from Peace Groups

Israeli Official Information About The Peace Process The Mideast Peace Process
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (identical sites different URLs)

Palestine Authority Homepage

Foundation for Middle East Peace FMEP
A nonprofit organization dedicated to informing Americans about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and assisting in a peaceful solution that brings security for both peoples.

SALAM Review
A monthly electronic magazine about the struggle for peace and justice in the Middle East

Ariga: Gush Shalom Articles written by Uri Avnery.
Gush Shalom site in Germany. (Ha-Gallil)
Gush Shalom
A petition from the "peace bloc" to boycott the right-wingers
Would a boycott be deemed an appropriate answer for an understanding?

The Other Israel   A bi-monthly publication
published by ICIPP the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Webmaster finds the information they provide quite partial

Yes to Peace - No to Oslo
I am (site owner) not so sure they have ever read Israel-Palestine agreements.   They believe that if one wants to get involved and to protect Israel, then one should prevent the forthcoming stroke as they call "the 13% disaster."   Webmaster is not convinced, but it's worth reading their position nonetheless.

Arutz-7: Arab Press Survey Arab Press on Israel.
You should better know what they would say.

ARIJ Applied Research Institute Jerusalem
A large and elaborate Palestinian research site

Teacher Lesson 2: Teaching the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, Rev. 2nd ed., Nov. teaching the Israeli-palestinian Conflict

Eye on Palestine Before Al-Aqsa Intifada it was just petition against Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip
Now they spread propaganda ignoring the violent actions commited by Arab "terrorists".

AMIN (Arabic language)   Internews Middle East.   Pure propaganda defaming Sharon.

A Palestinian-Israeli feminist center for peace and social justice.

War and Peace on the global scale

CNN - Struggle for Peace background noise & news
CNN-Watch which is dedicated to ending biased reporting against Israel from CNN and affiliates of it's parent company, AOL/Time-Warner.

MER Middle East Realities
An important ONE SIDED source of information regarding the Middle East.

Arab Electronic Journal
An outstanding site run by a man whose heart is likely in the right place.

Meretz (Hebrew)   English   Democratic Party in Israel for Peace

Welcome to the Golan Heights Information Server
Peace with the Golan!   Is it reasonable? FAQ

The bottom line

"A merely fallen enemy may rise again,
but the reconciled one is truly vanquished."
-Johann Christoph Schiller, German Writer (1759-1805)
People should be educated to know each other!

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