Sources Provided by Stop_AbuseJune 1999

For starter let's see, what does the wolf say?

  1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  2. NATO's site was sometimes unavailable, apparently because of a daily barrage by thousands of e-mails from hackers in Belgrade, which made their system crash.
  3. NBC Poll in favor of the bombing was removed from internet.
  4. BBC News Online

  5. The BBC offers live audio coverage and many articles on Kosovo, as well as "Kosovo Conflict on the Web," with BBC News Online's guide to how the conflict is being represented on the Web.
  6. Online NewsHour: Kosovo Peace Talks -- February 22, 1999 Well, this is what PBS told the public.
  7. Albanians Sign Kosovo Peace Deal, Without Serbs Were these talks unilateral?

  8. How could one side "sign a treaty" while the other side is simply missing?
  9. Issues In Leadership
Now we may be ready to meet the opposition:
  1. TheGolem WebSite Hank Roth <> MIA/POW on internet since 1985 !!!
  7. Articles: War In The Balkans
  8. BBS: War In The Balkans

More opposition references:
  1. Kosovo Privacy Project
  2. Stop NATO, Stop World War III
  3. Toothless NATO gives empty threat to Serbia over Kosovo invalid URL
  4. Kosovo will be Serbian as it has always been
  5. U.S. veteran against sending troops to Kosovo
  6. Stop this War!
  7. The Holy Field of Kosovo
  8. Protests Against U.S./NATO Intervention in Yugoslavia
  9. War Edition invalid URL
  10. Against the NATO attacks/For the Support of Yugoslavia

  11. This Serb site provides an immediate responses to various Serbian and international news reports, a timetable of the day's air raids, photos of the destruction in Kosovo and a child's plea for peace. 
  12. Borba - a political daily
  13. Kosovo -Links
  14. Kosovo Daily News
  15. Direct Reports from Kosovo
  16. Government of Yugoslavia: Albanian Terrorist Training Camps
  17. GreenNet Activities Kosovo

  18. This is one of the few places to find dispatches, translated into English, from dissident journalists within Serbia and Kosovo, along with other good commentary.
  19. Kosovo - Albanian free zone?

  20. Reports from Kosovo's frontlines, interviews with Kosovar pacifist leaders, photos of the destruction and historical background. 
  21. Bill Clinton, an Abuse of Power
  22. The New World Odor and Kosovo
  23. Kosovo, a pretext to go to war
  24. Protest the Bombing in Yugoslavia
  25. Anti-Intervention Network
  26. Party System in Yugoslavia
  27. The Saga of Kosovo
  28. Yugoslav Net at the Brink
  29. How Clinton created Serb war
  30. Top Ten Balkan Peace Plans

Organizations in opposition of USA / NATO policy regarding Kosovo:
  1. Seventeen Congressmen sue Clinton in US Court over War Powers Act

  2. The seeking of a judicial declaration that the President of the USA, is unconstitutionally continuing an offensive military attack by United States Armed Forces against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia without obtaining a declaration of war or other explicit authority from the Congress of the United States as required by Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution, and despite Congress decision not to authorize such action.
  3. Bombing Kosovo, to Save it (!)
  4. Serbian Democratic Movement
  5. On line books about Kosovo
  6. Institute for Public Accuracy
  7. Past and current Amnesty news services
  8. Common Dreams News Center

  9. Provides breaking news and views for progressive-thinking Americans, with ample information on the crisis in Kosovo, including maps and breaking updates from various news services.
  10. Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting

  11. FAIR's coverage of the war in Yugoslavia includes "Rescued from the Memory Hole: Background of Serb/Albanian Conflict."
  12. Federation of American Scientists Web Page on Kosovo
  13. FPIF policy briefs, one by Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch on Human Rights
  14. Tomas Valasek of the Center for Defense Information on NATO
  15. The US/NATO War in Yugoslavia: Five Myths
  16. Impact Voters of America
  17. Noam Chomsky on Yugoslavia
  18. Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
  19. ZNet

  20. A page of up-to-the-minute articles regarding the current bombings. The lead piece by Noam Chomsky puts the entire situation into context, and other pieces posted include Andre Gunder Frank, Dave McReynolds, Diane Johnstone, Stephen Zunes and Michael Albert.

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