June 8, 1999
Page 7
Volume I, Issue 1

The Capitol Hill Whatever (“CHW”) interviews Stop_Abuse (“SA”), one of the Capitol Hill exCommunity Leaders, whose web site is at CapitolHill/9302.

The opinions expressed herein are entirely those of
Stop_Abuse and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Capitol Hill Community Leaders, GeoCities, or Yahoo!

Yugo: Are we willing to face the truth?

CHW: The recent events in Kosovo seem to be quite controversial and you have some strong opinions on the matter. Would you care to share them with us?

SA: NATO, led by the United States, is acting as police, trying to make a “New World Order” (NWO).  Mostly we are exposed [to] mainstream (TV and newspapers) commentaries, but [the] internet may uncover different facts and opinions about the abuse of NATO's power.  The NWO has overlooked proper treatment of Albanian refugees, the result of these bombings. The military forces had attempted to make a "clean" war, likely a pretext.  Undeniably they bomb also non-military targets, not to say foreign targets, Chinese Embassy for example.

It's all quite confusing, and therefore, I think people have the right to know more than what the biased media would tell. I would like to have a decent debate over these issues, here in the CapitolHill neighborhood at Geocities.

CHW: Why do you believe that bombing Yugoslavia is not the right thing for NATO to do?

SA: Let's assume three possible scenarios and try to answer them.

Scenario 1: Living in Karmiel, Israel I know first hand that some Israeli Arabs in our vicinity speak of self-determination.  If they resort to violence and terror to achieve their everlasting goal, then Israel would not remain silent likely.  In such a case, would NATO, led by the USA, bomb Israel to stop such a conflict in the name of  “peace" and  "humanitarianism"?

No!  NATO, led by the United States, would never do so!

Scenario 2We know about the increasing Mexican population in southern California.  Would Mexico be entitled to bomb Los Angeles supporting the Hispanos dissidents' claim for independence?

No!  Mexico would never be allowed to do so!

Scenario 3: Let's assume growing Arab community in France, which would declare its will to secede from the American or the French heartland, and would use violence and terror to achieve its goal.  Would Algeria be entitled to bomb Marseilles in support of the dissidents' claim for independence?

No!  Algeria would never be allowed to do so!
Therefore, I would rather consider that NATO's attack on Yugoslavia may be deemed as an invitation to any dissatisfied ethnic group in any country to engage in secession under the democratic banner of "self-determination."

CHW: What do you think is happening in Kosovo today?

SA: The Serbs [have] consider[ed] Kosovo as the cradle of their heritage since the 14th century. Unfortunately, numerous Albanian migrant workers have infiltrated into Kosovo to seek new opportunities.  The Serbs have ever encouraged them, like the greedy American employers would exploit undocumented aliens . . . he-he (sarcastically) those hypocrite regimes, which would not allow an "illegal immigrant" population to secede politically while tearing away part of the national turf, stand now in the forefront of the western effort to delegitimize Serbians endeavor to protect their national territory.  Moreover, NATO uses force to achieve that morally and politically questionable goal.

CHW: What do you think should be the solution for this crisis?

SA: The only solution would ever be peace and reconciliation. Serbs and Albanians should have considered it.  NATO, led by the United States, should have sent peace delegations that could have brought peace into that area.

CHW: Why do you think NATO, led by the USA, incites this war?

SA: This is nothing more than ARROGANCE OF POWER! NATO led by the USA abuses Kosovo Crisis to achieve a global realignment - i.e. - a “New World Order!"

British Sunday Telegraph likely resolved this enigma by reporting that Yugoslavia and Iraq had signed a secret cooperation treaty.  Under this said agreement, Iraq would provide Yugoslavia oil and money in return for Yugoslavian help in rebuilding Iraq's air defenses.

The Serbs, supported by the Russians, were likely testing the United States in Kosovo.  Eastern European countries would ever seek an equilibrium since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

CHW: What is your prediction for the near future?

 conceivable group of nations could resist the emerging NWO. Anyone who would not collaborate with the United States is deemed to be abolished by a regime that brought to the world the U.S. Constitution, a magnificient notion . . . still a dead letter unfortunately.

CHW: What sources do you use in support of  your opinions?

SA: My Sources are provided here on a separate page for your perusal.

Editor's Note:
The above opinions presented by 'Stop Abuse'  do not necessarily reflect the views of the CapitolHill Community Leaders, GeoCities, nor Yahoo!, but are rather the opinions of Stop_Abuse.

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