WHY do Americans Abuse Foreigners?

Why hasn't Congress acted to stem the alien flow
and preserve America for Americans?

by Doron Tal

Freedom and justice for all

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      The United States has always attracted the cream of talent and brains from the world over.   So it is not surprising me that American businesses would like to take advantage of this available talent.   U.S. employers can select the best workers for a job from a pool that is not limited to the domestic work force.

    Why hasn't Congress acted to stem the alien flow and preserve America for Americans?   It is because the government would yield the demands of those greedy employers, who deliberately abuse helpless employees.   More than 60 years ago, Congressman Martin Dies saw the problem.   Writing in the National Republic (March 1934), Dies said:

   "During the tragic days when industrial greed and legislative stupidity encouraged millions of impoverished aliens to invade our shores in hungry quest of jobs and fortunes, many patriotic people in America exerted their influence to the utmost in an attempt to obtain a reversal of this short-sighted policy and avert the social and economic evils which unrestricted immigration has never failed to procure in the experiences of nations and peoples."

   "If the nation had awakened at that time to the perils of its immigration policy and promptly excused the 20 millions or more aliens that have since joined the competitive ranks or labor, agriculture and business, it is reasonable to believe that the unemployment problems would never have assumed such serious and unprecedented proportions in this country."

Does that sound familiar? It could have been written today. Dies was writing as this country was slipping into what would become known as the Great Depression. He saw the problem and the lack of action on the part of Congress.

Dies said: "Industrial greed which subordinated the ultimate good of the country for the immediate and temporary profits that cheap pauper labor seemed to promise . . . dictated this unwise and destructive policy."   Dies then identifies the philosophy that brought on the problem-internationalism as opposed to nationalism. It is the same theme articulated by Jean-Marie Le Pen in France; a theme which strikes a cord in the hearts of nationalists and populists everywhere.

Said Dies: "Permit me at this time to make myself clear. I am disgusted with all this unintelligible jargon about internationalism. Others may boast about their cosmopolitan views and their freedom from the limitations of a nationalistic conception of society. Others may boast that their allegiance, devotion and interest are not confined by national boundaries and that the world is their country. But as for me, I am proud to acknowledge with deep gratitude that this is my country, my own, my native land, and that I am first, and at all the time an American . . . I do know, and this much I do declare, that what our unhappy country needs today is more so-called selfish patriotism and less internationalism, more devotion to the needs and problems of our own people and less sentimental and unappreciated concern for the affairs of other countries."

    Continuously, the United States has developed new guest worker programs.   These developments were abused.  Governmental controls over the admission of temporary foreign professionals having H-1B status have been misused.  Such workers were permitted to remain in the US (for up to six years), regardless of the economic situation in the country.  During the worst recession in fifty years, employers continued to solicit and employ foreign workers and the fiscal crises led to calls for reducing welfare benefits generally and especially for legal and illegal immigrants.

    In conclusion, the actual policies of the United States disregard the U.S. Constitution, because the government would yield the demands of greedy employers, in violation of the law.


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