References: American Policy
Regarding Foreign Workers

By Doron Tal

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References   for further reading

  1. The Employer as Immigration Inspector is like letting a cat to keep the butter for you

  2. Debunking the Myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage

  3. Read what the experts say about using visas to solve labor shortages

  4. White-Collar Visas: Importing Needed Skills or Cheap Labor?
    Washington Post (10/21/95)

  5. The ASA H1-B Petition Page
    "...the very phrase itself, ``labor shortage'' provokes puzzlement or amazement among most informed analysts of U.S. labor markets. ". . . when you hear an employer saying he needs [visas] to fill a ``labor shortage'', remember what you are hearing: a cry for a labor subsidy to allow the employer to avoid the normal functioning of the labor market." (Congressional Testimony)

  6. Modern Slavery

  7. Clinton: Avoid Xenophobia
    On June 13, 1998, President Clinton urged Americans to welcome immigrants.
    Read the full text of his speech.

  8. Rules to Combat Cut-Rate Wages Anger Big Employers

  9. The SPOTLIGHT On Immigration

  10. AILA - National Affairs

  11. H-1B CAP ALMOST REACHED (1998)

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  13. U.S. Immigration, Legislation, Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, Press

  14. Healthcare Workers, U.S. Immigration, Visas

  15. Do immigrants hurt the economy?

  16. My future is very much in jeopardy - FOREIGN-WORKER plan under fire

  17. VISAS: Exchange VISITORS

  18. Doing Business in NH: Immigration and Foreign VISITOR Access

  19. TEMPORARY Workers' VISAS

  20. Immigration Debate Misses TEMPORARY Employees (SoftPac Austin, TX)

  21. Unwelcome GUESTS - by Lars-Erik Nelson Newsday Inc.

  22. Misc Resources


  24. Reference: Politics & Government: Issues: Immigration

  25. Immigration Statute and Regulation Index

  26. Caselist - Labor/Immigration Decisions

  27. Dual Citizenship FAQ: Dual Nationality and United States Law

  28. VCT - Voice of Citizens Together (Immigration)
    URL is not available anymore!

  29. Discussion Questions of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform (January 25, 1995)

  30. IBM VIOLATING immigration laws

  31. Title IV - Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Act of 1996

  32. Immigration Athens Forum 7488

  33. Immigration - Links to Other Sites CapitolHill/Lobby/4651/

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  44. C. Matthew Schulz Home Page: Internet Immigration Resources

  • Founding Documents of the United States
  • Read my 1995 article published in Civil-Rights List
  • See related articles in PUBPOL   Humphrey instit.
  • A call for help Seeking representation in NJ at US District Court
  • Dr. Tavel's Immigration Page                         Abolish the INS
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