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    In my opinion, American policy regarding immigration is a deception.   Too many Americans habitually abuse foreigners in complete disregard of the law.  Foreigners lacking human rights are abused because of their alienage.  Abusive employers threaten their foreign employees with not just firing, but with deportation or arrest.

"Do not condemn the judgment of another because it differs from your own.   You may both be wrong."   - Dandemis

    My American employer, M.L. Energia, Inc. of NJ, employed me deliberately without having alien labor certification knowing that the INS had wrongly granted me an H-1 status.  The owner of the firm, Dr. Moshe Lavid threatened my life if I went to the INS.  Then I contacted the INS to no avail.  Consequently Dr. Lavid continued to retaliate against me, as long as I remained in the United States.  About the same period this employer sent letters to Senator Frank Lautenberg and Congressman Richard Zimmer to help him overcome a crisis concerning a worthy project that had been cancelled by the NSF.  This was apparently because the employer failed to report about me as his employee, because I had never been authorized by the Dept. of Labor (DOL).  The DOL informed me that I was not a protected alien, because there was no LCA on a file for my employement (employer's liability).  The INS deliberately remained silent (is it surprising?) after being informed in a timely manner.  An Administrative Law Judge (OCAHO), Joseph E. McGuire, declared that I had been "ultimately abused" [sic], but later he ordered to dismiss my IRCA complaint.   Was there an attempt to cover-up a scam and silence a whistle blower?   Has this Judge had an Ex-Parte communication with my employer?   I have a reason to believe there was. . .

    Following is a list of my legal actions that I could not prevail against, regardless of the Federal Statutes.  Was I a victim of economic crime?   Why is it slighted by the American justice system?   Is it a deceptive policy, or a particular cosnpiracy?

Overview Federal Case:     Discharge because of national origin,
in violation of  8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(1)(A)
Proceeding Opened Closed Status
U.S. Sup. Ct. 95-7338 Jan    2, 1996 Feb 26, 1996 Why would the INS not act NOW?
mandamus denied no reason given
3rd cir C.A. 94-3690 Dec  14, 1994 Oct.  2, 1995 Unrepresented employer failed to file
a response
.  13 judges: review denied
no reason given
OCAHO Case # 92B00143
IRCA Complaint
June 24, 1992 Oct. 31, 1994 complaint dismissedUnrepresented
employer failed to have an LCA on a file

and presented a fake I-9 Form in court.
It was proven beyond any doubt that
complainant had not left his job
voluntarily as (wrongly) decided by NJ
State authorities . . .
OSC Charge DJ # 197-48-71 Feb    3, 1992 April 8, 1992 charge dismissed knowing that
the employer was engaged in fraud
OSC advice: proceed with IRCA complaint
INS Investigation Dec   9, 1991 Dec   9, 1991 INS advice: file IRCA charge with the OSC


Any person who believes that something was wrong here and that the Department of Justice should help victims of white collar crimes and discrimination because of alienage, is kindly requested to write a short letter to Hon. Janet Reno asking her, why would the INS District Office in Newark, NJ, not enforce the INA (Immigration Nationality Act) predicated on a pretext saying: LACK OF RESOURCES, while another agency of the DOJ had already investigated this case, has collected evidence, but would stay aside without an explanation.  Why has the INS Commissioner failed to answer my letter? Why has the U$ Embassy in Tel Aviv has failed to respond to my letter?   Why has the U$ Secretary of Labor failed to enforce the FUTA?   In addition the Attorney General of New Jersey should explain why certain audio recordings of legal proceedings were erased and abridged by the State.


NJ State Case:         A claim for unemployment benefit of an H-1 alien
Proceeding Opened Closed Status
U.S. Sup. Ct. 95-7225 Dec 19, 1995 Feb 20, 1996 mandamus denied no reason given
NJ Supreme Court 39,920 Feb 17, 1995 Sep  8,  1995 certiorari denied no reason given
NJ Super App. Div.A-2698-92 Feb   8, 1993 Oct 18,  1994 Unpublished Decision: benefits denied employee admits he was not authorized to work except for Energia
92-B-001845-000-X0 NJ BOR Jul  18, 1992 Jan 11, 1993 benefits denied w/o rehearing,
no reason given
92-A-50510-000-X0 NJ AT Dec 30, 1991 Jul    7, 1992 benefits denied conditionally,
abridged recorded tapes & transcript
employee voluntarily "left" employer
Unemployment Office
New Brunswick NJ
Nov 27, 1991 Dec 16, 1991 Notice to employer:
"Employee is eligible for benefits"
Notice to employee: "You are ineligible
because of your alien status
confidential memo: "illegal alien status"

    My zealous struggle against abuse of human rights should set things right and contribute to the American society.  I shall never give up.  If and when I win my case, I would continue helping other abused aliens.   So I pledge !

"What is faith worth if it is not translated into action?" --Gandhi

    The United States offers easy acceptance of aliens (including temporary workers), but primarily denies them social services.  Germany (for example) has reacted by preserving rights and services for those inside their country, but has firmly increased access restriction.

    Moreover the American Judicial system is fake (in Israel it's about the same).   It's all about POWER.  They give the masses the illusion that laws mean something, but the truth is that they manipulate the laws by giving whatever interpretations they want to suit their purpose.   Some of us know this, and that makes us dangerous to them.  They will use the law to crush us rather then correct an injustice.

    In conclusion, the actual policy of the U.S. Government recklessly disregard the U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes.

Sincerely,  Email Me Israeli flag Doron A. Tal
69a Ramim St.
Israel 21862

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