January 1999 - Abuse of Foreign Workers American Style

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The Ultimate Abuse
January 1999

H-1B (foreign) workers for computer programming jobs are paid $45,000 to $60,000 a year, by pimps who charge US companies for this work $90,000 to $200,000 a year. Such pimps are allegedly affiliated with the INS.  They require the foreigners to sign bondage contracts that require the worker to leave the US if they leave the employer who brought them to the US.   Moreover, workers "violating" such contracts sometimes owe their employers $30,000.  Why isn't it slavery according to the spirit of US Constitution?

Politicians are having common interests in the ultimate abuse of foreign workers in the USA.  They raised the limit for issuance of new visas for H-1B workers.  On the other side, a recent poll jointly commissioned by NBC television and the Wall Street Journal reveals that the American public has been essentially "anti-immigrant" despite the "apparent strong economy."  About seventy two percent of the people did not wish to "increase the number of immigrants", because they could take jobs that Americans should have and will ultimately result in higher unemployment.  Most of the Americans do consider that the government should not change these policies, but the legislators has changed immigration related policies under the pressure of the strong companies.  Please read my previous commentaries on these issues.

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