Apartheid American Style
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Strong opinions are expressed herein.  If you can't stand it, you should better move away.  The TRUTH may hurt you.
The end of official Apartheid in South Africa coincides with growing fears elsewhere in the world.  These fears concern the impact of mass migration and consequent conflicts in poly-ethnic and multi-racial societies.

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Would you turn your back on reality?
Would you deny that the USA is not an Apartheid federation?

    Could you deny that Apartheid has been entrenched in a system of discriminatory immigration laws, and above all, the practices that govern the operation of the U.S. government?   Would you deny that American democracy is being perverted?   Isn't American law deceptive, in view of American practices?

    Most of U.S. laws do not look discriminatory on the surface.   However, a more in depth analysis of some would reveal the extent to which they discriminate between citizens, intending citizens and nationals.   By studying the law and practices anyone would reach the unavoidable conclusion:   the United States is an Apartheid federation, and this Apartheid not only manifests itself socially, but that it is also embedded in the so called "justice system" covering-up white collar crimes unfortunately.

    Undeniably, immigration laws are quite discriminatory in their nature.   For example, see the IRCA (Immigration Reform Control Act) as of 1986, in particular, 8 U.S.C. section 1324b, which is useless and abused by "anointed" administrative judges.   These judges are inspired by the "panders" i.e. the corrupted INS - Immigration Naturalization Service, even though the judicial branch pretends to be separated from the executive branch.
If the INS failes to handle my case I'm going to add an audio recording of a Federal Administrative Judge to prove this allegation.

    Practically, the United States offers easy acceptance of foreigners, but attempts to deny them social services.   Germany (for example) has been firmly increasing access restriction, but is preserving the rights and services for those inside their country.   Although the United States discourages dual citizenship, in reality it is silent and does nothing to prevent its preferred citizens from holding dual citizenship and abusing it.

    In conclusion, the actual policies of the U.S. Government recklessly disregard the U.S. Constitution and Federal Statutes.


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