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"When Spiders Unite, They Can Tie Down a Lion" - Ethiopian Proverb

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Material in the rings below is NOT endorsed by me - I couldn't read it all . . .

 1. StopAbuse Ring

 2. Global Leadership

 3. ME Peace Process

 4. Open Your Mind

 5. Gray Area on internet

   6. Ring of Truth

 7. True Justice

 8. People Before Lawyers' Profit

 9. Let Freedom Webring


  11. Survivors of Abuse

12. Jewish Person

13. Jewish Web Webring

14. MIDI ringon my midi page


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'Stop The Abuse of Power' webring is for people who attempt to abolish the abuse of power of any kind.
    We would consider websites presenting tangible facts about:
    1. human rights abuse,
    2. lack of enforcement,
    3. selective enforcement,
    4. discrimination,
    5. abuse of power by the executive or judicial branches,
    6. waste of natural resources,
    7. pollution,
    8. disinformation,
    9. covering-up fraud or
    10. dangerous experiments,
    11. government corruption and
    12. sites proposing practical ways to improve the situation.
You must be ready to get critics on your standing.

To read our policy click here
This Abuse of Power Ring and site are owned by Doron A. Tal.
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"When Spiders Unite, They Can Tie Down a Lion"Ethiopian Proverb.

We wish to make this world a better place to live in.



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Global Leadership: you are invited !
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The Open Your Mind Ring The Open Your Mind Ring  

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Gray Areas On The Net Web-Ring
Gray Areas On The Net
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The Ring of Truth is ring of pages around the web that seek to open people's eyes to the
world they are faced with instead of cowering in fear behind religious dogma and superstition.
'Stop Abuse' webmaster has helped Sage Weil to handle this webring.  Join this ring  
Those who declare that
they know the truth-
- the only truth -
-and insult you with
demands of faith and
sacrifice without any
such substantiation
are undeserving of
any real respect.
Don't abuse your ideology for $$$
ring of truth
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Truth is, of course,
something that no one
person can know,
for only the most
arrogant of men would
refuse to acknowledge
that he is incapable
of knowing everything
about the universe.



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  The right of people comes before the profits of lawyers !
Member of People before Lawyers Ring
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Want to join Let Freedom Ring?
Ring members believed in teaching
themlves and others about
Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties!

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This RingSurf, Survivor of Abuse Net Ring
owned by Stop Abuse

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Jewish Person WebRing     |      Join here

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The Jewish Web Webring

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The Jewish Web Webring


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