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"When Spiders Unite, They Can Tie Down a Lion" - Ethiopian Proverb

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hi little SPIDERs

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

This page (focusing on Yahoo!  abusing its own power) links to the huge "StopAbuse" site and "StopAbuse" webRing, Ring of Truth -rot- as well as related webRings - all exposing the hypocrisy of our cultures: abusing "religious" power to control "human" society, worshipping "peaceful" corporations and rotten governments. I'm still searching for an understanding - peace among religions and different cultures as well as a synthesis between old & new, religion & science, east & west, etc....

"Black Tuesday" or "The Day the Rings Died" was Sept. 5, 2000.  It was the day Yahoo! assimilated The WeBring.

The "ringmasters" responsible for "tending the chains of Web sites linked together by WebRing software fumed with pitched fury."
However Yahoo! made us unable to flavour our banners and restricted our moves.

Thanks goodness we are free again

  • WebRing FAQ
  • The Day The Rings Died
  • The strange saga of Yahoo and WebRing

    Thanks goodness, now you don't have to wait until sloppy Yahoo! JavaScript manipulates our uniforms.

    Below find out more about Yahoo!

  • Here's my personal story referring to Yahoo!'s abuse.

    I had been a Community Leader at Geocities
    before Yahoo! took over in June 1999,
    and "ASAP" terminated that CL program!

    In mid 2000 I established 'StopAbuse' webring

     Stop The Abuse of Power !!! by stop_abuse
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    and later became ringmaster of

    --Ring of Truth-- by stop_abuse
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    following founder's proposal to help managing it.

    Everything was just fine
    until Yahoo! took over... again.

    There had been 79 listed members on Sep 7, 2000...
    Yahoo! monkey robot ERASED all of them!

    An active Ring doing well as of 1996
    has been erased without ringmaster's consent!

    I asked Yahoo! to kindly restore the information
    as it had been before the merger with webring.

    Yahoo! however has absolutely failed to respond timely
    to my written posts about this matter.

    It's quite surprising given the fact Sage Weil
    started the webring concept in 1996 with the Ring of Truth

    Thanks goodness this ring is partially restored.

    Then Yahoo! "deserted" us...
    stopped supporting the webring they had crippled.

    Take care... and watch the next moves of Yahoo!

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    RingMasters Disappointed With Yahoo!
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    The Yahoo! / WebRing Resistance
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    EFF Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech

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