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Freedom of information ?
NOT in the main stream Israeli media!

They remained silent to an injustice at court!

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Why would the Supreme Court cover-up a deception?

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The Court contempt itself only in Israel
five acts Hebrew play exposing the corrupted Israeli inJUSTICE system

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Why are Israeli Civil Servants unable to review their presonal files?

It is not a secret that Israeli public administration is quite corrupted. Therefore, I wished to challenge it.

On July 23, 1997, I petitioned before the Israeli Supreme Court, Bagatz 4556/97, against Mr. Shmuel Hollander, The Civil Service Commissioner, and Mr. Haim Zonenfeld, his deputy.   The Cause of Action was their absolute refusal to answer my legitimate question, predicated on the law proscribing that any civil servant should answer within forty five days, and a lack of answer within ninty days means an absolute refusal.

Hon. Judge Dorner ordered the State Attorney to file an answer to my petition within 15 days.   The state attorney has failed to respond as ordered, but attempted to make a bargain with me (via my attorney), to which I refused absolutely.

Surprisingly, the final decision of the Supreme Court was denying my petition.   It was given by Hon. Judge Kedmi, to whom the Hon. Judges, Barak and Dorner, joined apparently.

  • Has Judge Kedmi suppressed evidence in order to bar my right for the due process of law?
  • His peculiar decision was given without a hearing.
  • Undeniably, he ignored the language of my petition, not to say the facts docketed within the full record.

Based on the above and other cases (some of them are illustrated on this web site), I would believe that the justice system in Israel is quite corrupted.

Some judges alter, delete, amend and provide according to the needs of the pre-selected "winner".   It is a diabolically clever and complete program, since we (the pawns) can do nothing to remedy that void except getting a support from the media, which in my case ignored it.

Collusion between the government and the media can be seen when both entities share a goal.   In most of the so called democracies the shared goal is the centralization of power at the expense of individual freedom.   That is why the Israeli liberal media chooses to ignore corruption in some cases.   They elect to publish what serves the motivatoion of the media owners.   Those professional reporters who have deliberately ignored my case are railroaded by the same politicians, who practically nominate judges for lifetime positions.   We (the pawns) should petition and protest whenever possible.

Is my case unique? NO! It's a symptom to a larger problem with RAFAEL
as demonstrated by the following two links.

  1. an article in Ha`aretz ©, June 30, 1997 (Hebrew and English translation):

  2. an article in Ha`aretz ©, December 22, 1997 (Hebrew and English translation):

The following is my Hebrew article, focusing on my own case regarding freedom of information with respect to the Israeli civil service.

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