January 1998 - Abuse of Foreign Workers American Style

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quoted from Siskind's Immigration Bulletin   January 1998

    "The dramatic slowdown in processing of labor certifications nationwide appears to be accelerating and now state agencies that administer the labor certification program are joining immigration lawyers in complaining that the US Department of Labor has failed miserably in its administrative duties.

    A scathing letter recently sent from Joanne Palmieri, chief of the New York State agency charged with administering the alien labor certification program, to James Norris, Chief of the US Department of Labor's labor certification division has recently been sent.   Palmieri's letter was co-signed by her counterpart in New Jersey, a state with processing backlogs of more than two and a half years.   According to respected labor certification expert Sam Udani, head of Adnet, an agency that places labor certification advertisements, the letter demands more funding from the US Department of Labor.   The letter reportedly contained language threatening to pull the plug on the labor certification programs in New York and New Jersey if increased funding is not found."

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