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Abuse of Foreign Temporary Workers
October 1999

An excerpt from MIGRATION NEWS Vol. 6, No. 10, Oct, 1999
by Philip Martin, University of California, Davis CA 95616

Critics argue that more H-1Bs are not needed and that US employers give preference to young foreigners with H-1B visas over older US workers because the immigrants are willing to put in the very long hours common in many high-tech jobs.  The author of the T-visa proposal, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), attempted to counter this criticism by requiring the INS to report every six months the occupation, employer, salary, degree and degree granting institution for each foreigner with a T visa and requiring that the $1,000 per T-visa fee be deposited in a the High-Tech Education Fund Account to bolster science and engineering education.

The National Research Council's Committee on Workforce Issues in Information Technology held a hearing in September 1999 on whether high-tech firms need more H-1B workers.  At the end of the hearing, after which chair Alan Merten said that "It's a very small portion of their workforce, and it's not going to make or break them." Eileen Appelbaum, a committee member, said "There's no evidence in the data to think there's a shortage." For more information: www.itworkforce.org

Some lawyers believe that US employer promises of, for example, three-year H-1B visas may create an obligation to keep such workers in employment for that period.  However, H-1B workers who have been terminated despite employer requests to the INS for three-year visas have so far been unable to successfully sue their US employers for breach of contract.  US courts have held that US employer promises to obtain an H-1B visa or green card for a foreigner in a petition to the INS that promises to employ a foreign national for a set period of time do not convert an employment at-will relationship into an enforceable contract for a fixed term.

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