Doron Tal
1. M.L. ENERGIA, Inc.,
2. Moshe Lavid
3. Ms. Nira Lavid
Original  Case No. 2-91/97  at Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem, Israel
Is now pending at the Regional Court in Haifa Case No. 4701/98

Haifa Labor Court decision of Oct 16, 2000

The hearing of Oct 22, 2000, is postponed to Dec 31, 2000.
This decision was based on an ex-parte communication
by which respondents' lawyer presented false information
pretending there was still a pending motion filed on their behalf.
decision of Oct 16, 2000
Hon. Judge katzir writes in her above decision that
its unclear to her what is the role of Freidman-Gorodetzki Law Office
with respect to this case, whether they represent reposndents (the Lavids).
There has never been a letter appointing them on behalf of respondents.
However, this law office informs now the court that there is a pending motion
to appeal over Judge Katzir's decision as of May 8, 2000.
Therefore, the scheduled heraing for Oct 22, 2000, is postponed to Dec 31, 2000.
Obviously Respondents have deliberately withheld the State Labor Decision
against them that had denied four months ago their motion to appeal!
decision of June 8, 2000

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The full story at Israeli Labor Court - A breach of labor contract

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