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PHR-Israel: Open Clinic For Foreign Workers

A post by Louis Frankenthaler
Director of Development and Resources
Physicians for Human Rights--Israel (PHR)
P.O.B. 592, Tel Aviv
61004, Israel

Date: Mon, 25 May 98 16:13:29 CDT
Subject: PHR-Israel: Open Clinic For Foreign Workers
Message-ID: <>

25 May 1998

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR)
Announces the Opening of Its 
Open Clinic For Foreign Workers

Today, the 25th of May 1998, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel opened the first of its kind, in Israel, "Open Medical Clinic" for foreign workers. The clinic is located in Tel-Aviv where between 50,000 and 80,000 foreign workers reside within its metropolitan area. The clinic will be operate three days a week, at first, with one day dedicated to pediatric care. The staff consists of volunteer physicians, nurses and support personnel. Why are we opening the clinic? Access to medical care is a basic human right to which no person should be denied. PHR, within the scope of its work on behalf of those denied this very right, encounters numerous situations which point to the vital importance of this clinic. Perhaps most compelling is the issue of the children of foreign workers who enjoy no official status in Israel. They, particularly the very young, are frequently left with out medical insurance and without access to medical care for even the most basic of medical situations. "A" is a four year old little girl from Russia. She was abandoned by her biological mother and adopted by her neighbor, a new immigrant from Russia. As a result of an inability to demonstrate her "Jewishness" she has no legal standing in Israel and, therefore, is not covered by medical insurance. In the middle of April "A" required medical care for a serious cut on her chin. The hospital provided the necessary, immediate medical care because the law requires a hospital to provide care in emergency situations. When the child required additional care such as the removal of the sutures, cleansing and dressing the wound and the treatment of infection, the hospital refrained from providing the care because the child was not covered by health insurance and had no means available to cover the costs of the treatment. The woman with whom "A" lives is poor and is unable to afford to pay for the treatment. If the Ministry of Health would apply the national health care law to all children living in Israel and to all foreign workers legally employed in Israel, as PHR has demanded, "A" and other children in her situation would not be left in such a precarious and dangerous situation. Until its position is adopted by the state PHR cannot reconcile itself with the fact that a population numbering more than 200,000 persons is denied access to adequate health care. Therefore, in response to this situation PHR has opened its clinic. PHR views the clinic as a necessary first step on the way to a governmental solution which will ultimately guarantee thousands of children and foreign workers the right to health care.
Physicians for Human Rights--Israel (PHR) P.O.B. 592, Tel Aviv 61004, Israel Tel: +972-3-566-4526 Fax: +972-3-566-2527 E-mail:
June 2 update: Clinic telephone # (03)-687-5695 The name of the contact person - Rami Adout Opening hours are 17:00-21:00 Sunday and Wednesday and from 8:00-12:00 (for Children) on Fridays

Date: Tue, 26 May 98 11:42:09 CDT
From:  Adriaan van Es
Subject: Re: PHR-Israel: Open Clinic For Foreign Workers
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Affiliated Organisations: Physicians for Human Rights (USA) Physicians for Human Rights (UK) Physicians for Human Rights (Denmark) Johannes Wier Foundation (the Netherlands) Physicians for Human Rights (Israel) Physicians for Human Rights (Palestine) Physicians for Human Rights (South Africa) Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT, India) Observers: Amnesty International British Medical Ass. Int. C'tee Red Cross Turkish Medical Ass.
26 May 1998 to: PHR-Israel Dear Friends, On behalf of the IFHHRO we congratulate and support you with your significant initiative of the Open Clinic. With kind regards, Adriaan van Es, MD, secretary IFHHRO

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