Doron Tal
1. M.L. ENERGIA, Inc.,
2. Dr. Moshe Lavid
3. Ms. Nira Lavid

Original  Case No. 2-91/97  at Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem, Israel
Is now pending at the Regional Court in Haifa Case No. 4701/98

Read June 24th, 1999, decision a translation from Hebrew

Court has received a motion of respondent requesting to postpone this hearing session.
It means they know there is a hearing session today, while the court has denied their motion.

Respondents had moved the court to dismiss the lawsuit against respondent 2 and 3, denial of the lawsuit, condition the hearing by imposing a bail payment over plaintiff and more.

As said above, the court has ruled todays hearing would be held as scheduled.

Plaintiff is present whereas respondents are not and the hour is after 12:30.

Consequently we rule that if the Plaintiff files supporting affidavit with the court, and a motion with a wording for a verdict - the court would consider ruling in favor of Plaintiff as requested by his lawyer, Eliyahu Ziegler.

The affidavit and the proposed verdict should be filed not later than July 1, 1999, and then the file would be called for our decision.

A copy of this decision would be seerved on State attorney in Jerusalem and Haifa, as the State of Israel was requested as respondent in this lawsuit.

Given and notified today 10 Tamuz 5759, June 24, 1999, attending Plaintiff and his lawyer.

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Doron Meiblum - Chief Judge       Employees representative      Employers representative

June 24th, 1999, decision

To read the 1st page of my affidavit and proposal for a vrdict click here.

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The full story at Israeli Labor Court - A breach of labor contract

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