Doron Tal
1. M.L. ENERGIA, Inc.,
2. Moshe Lavid
3. Ms. Nira Lavid
Original  Case No. 2-91/97  at Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem, Israel
Is now pending at the Regional Court in Haifa Case No. 4701/98

State Labor Court decision of June 8, 2000:
Late Judge Meiblum's decision
voids respondents' motion for a bail payment
all lower court's decisions were proper.

decision of June 8, 2000

Regional Labor Court decision of May 8, 2000:
Respondents have filed numerous friviolous motions,
they never appointed an attorney to represent them.
The court would not deal with Attorney Friedman.
Late judge meiblum's decision voids
the motion for a bail payment.
At this time, however, the court would not impose
the cost of this request on respondents.
It would be considered at the final decision.

decision over which appeal was made

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The full story at Israeli Labor Court - A breach of labor contract

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