Deception in the News - Tuvia Grossman is a Jewish student beaten by Arab MOB, but they have attempted to show him as a beaten Palestinian Arab Deception in the News

It is common knowledge that a picture says more than 1,000 words - but does it always tell the truth? Not always.

This AP photograph was published by the New York Times and the Boston Globe, purportedly to illustrate the beating of a Palestinian by an Israeli policeman. The story that the picture seems to tell is that of a brutal policeman wielding a baton, standing above the cowering, bloodied Palestinian.

The truth is in fact very different. The "Palestinian" is really a Jewish student from Chicago, Tuvia Grossman, who, together with two of his friends, was pulled from a taxi by a Palestinian mob and brutally beaten and stabbed. The "brutal Israeli policeman" is in fact protecting them from the mob.

It is worthwhile keeping this lesson in mind.

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Disinformation made of Palestinians
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