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al-Aqsa Intifadah: The Unfortunate Truth
The Lynch

Palestinian MOB in executing the al-Aqsa Intifadah upper right window Zoom ON   © Reuters
The window of the room where the soldiers were lynched
Palestinians crowd watching how their Policemen lynched Israelis  
within the upper right room of the Police Station (Zoom ON the right)
the a beaten soldier was dropped out of this window
down to the watching MOB to finish the work!
Palestinian MOB participate in al-Aqsa Entefada Palestinian MOB in action© RTI

Isn't Arafat - The Noble Man -
liable for these happenings?
too many Plaestinian Arabs say so!

Yasser Arafat is liable for the violent Intifadah
Has this Winner of Nobel Prize for Peace
ever attempted to educate his own people
towards peace?

Yasser Arafat is an unraliable person

NO! Araft has rejected Arab League's call for a ceasefire!

Do pictures always tell the truth?

As long as terrorism keeps blowing up Israeli civilians,
the Palestinian people won't get their ''rightful'' land.

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