Appealing bail payment

Doron Tal v. M.L. ENERGIA, Inc.,
Dr. Moshe Lavid,  Ms. Nira Lavid

Ref.  Case No. 2-91/97  at District Labor Court in Jerusalem, Israel

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Seeking Representation
in New Jersey at USDC

If the facts as delineated through this page are correct, then fraud has extended into all aspects of life and each group of carpet-baggers covers for the others.

The background story

The cause of action of this lawsuit is a breach of employment contract in the United States.   M.L. Energia Inc. (a New Jerseyan firm) petitioned for my employment as an H-1 alien, asserting it would pay my wage jointly with RAFAEL (the State of Israel).   M.L. Energia, Inc. failed to employ me and to pay my wage as agreed.   Hence this lawsuit at Labor Court in Israel.

Appealing the peculiar decision granting bail payment
while the issue of jurisdiction is still pending

Appeal - three pages (Hebrew)

page 1 of appeal
page 2 of appeal
page 3 of appeal

Motion for extention of time for a payment of bail

motion for extention of time

Motion for addition of documents

motion to add evidence

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