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Seeking Representation
in New Jersey at USDC

Court Decision Mar 16, 1999
Dr. Moshe Lavid is liable
for libel over me

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Translation to English:

District Court in Jerusalem
before Hon. Judge Eliyahu Z. Ben Zimra              Civil Case 001360/98

in the matter of:	Doron Avraham Tal
			by his representative
			Eliyahu Ziegler L.L.B.


			Dr. Moshe Lavid and 7 others
			by their representative State Attorney
			from Tel Aviv District (civil)


In the absence of appearance of respondent 1 (hereafter: Respondent)
and in the lack of evidence on his behalf responding to plaintiff's
affidavit (hereafter: The Affidavit) that was not restored with respect
to him, allegation against Respondent (only) has been proven over
libel against plaintiff by Respondent, as pleaded in the lawsuit
and proven by The Affidavit.

With respect to a partial verdict against Respondent to
compensate plaintiff according to the calculations in his
affidavit - it will be given after reading other respondent's
summation that is supposed to be filed within a month and a half
(if both parties do not settle otherwise) and plaintiff's counsel
is advised to relate in his summation to the question whether
plaintiff reluctantly made every effort to reduce his damages.

Given today 28th of Adar 5759, 16 March 1999, parties are not present.
Secretary shall notice parties' counsels.

					Eliyahu Z. Ben Zimra, judge

Orit Swisa / h00136098a.l

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