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Doron Tal Declares War on Corruption
  (Israeli  Armament  Development  Authority)

Herein GIF photocopies of a Hebrew article by Mr. Eyal Gutman
published in a local Israeli magazine, "Kol Karmiel"  May 30, 1997.
View a free translation into English

Hebrew header: $1.2M libel lawsuit Tal v. Lavid and others

Tal, a whistle blower, exposed corruption in RAFAELDoron Tal was a Civil Servant of RAFAEL, Israeli Armament Development Authority

Security Officers in RAFAEL deliberately trashed any evidence that could inciminate corruption and fraudTal was offered to resiign but he initially refused to do so

The State of Israel is still hidding from Tal all the names of those who read the alleged libeluous letterA libelous letter against Tal was exposed in a Regioanl Labor in Jerusalem

A libeluous letter was filed in Tal's personal file unlawfully

It is alleged that Giora Shalgi has deliberately concocted to cause Tal's resignation

This case is not the first, but likely common at RAFAEL although it is prohibited by law

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