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The Unfortunate Truth
Following The Lynch
(1) Israeli MOB in Action
Israeli MOB in action

Lack of proper education has lead to these events...
innocent Israeli Arabs were adversely affected by the riots!

(2) The official reataliation
in the name of the Israeli government
Combat helicopter fire missile
Palestinian vehicles on fire   Ramallah Oct 12, 2000
Police gate on firePolice vehicles on fire
Israeli authorities alerted Palestinians in advance to evacuate people away
from targeted areas, Police Statation, PA HQ, Braodcasting Radio Transmitters

Israeli tanks sealed Palestinian areas
from which shooting had been made
against Israeli civilians during the previous week

The Direct Casue of This Retaliation

Palestinians' position:
"Complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence."
Palestine borders are from the (
Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river;
Israel's position:
As long as terrorism keep blowing up Israeli civilians, the Palestinians won't get their ''rightful'' land.
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