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      ragwan - 11/11/99 11:05:05
      Where are you from?: gan yavne ISRAEL
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: no


      Joe - 11/04/99 18:43:09

      Most useful

      Jennifer - 10/22/99 17:41:46
      My URL:
      Where are you from?: Finland
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: no

      Hi ! You've got greater pages here. not many people venture fighting against corruption. Good luck !

      Bill Boyle - 10/19/99 14:50:47
      My URL:
      Where are you from?: USA

      Hello Doron:

      Thank you for visiting my site.

      Have you considered other, perhaps rather more subtle, forms of abuse of power?
      See for example the following -

      With best regards,
      Bill Boyle, 19 October 1999

      Dan Hall - 10/08/99 21:36:22
      Where are you from?: Austrailia

        A Major story is breaking, that the biggest Nazi War Criminal is now living in Syria.   I urge all good people, to make sure Alois Brunner is brought to justice.   The fact, that he's in a Arab country shouldn't surprise anyone.   And then think, left wing Jews want to give up the Golan Heights, which has always belonged to Israel.  The Golan Heights was part of the British Mandate of 1917.

      Report: Wanted Nazi Living in Syria

      BERLIN (AP) -- A French investigation has determined that one of the world's most-wanted Nazi war criminals is hiding out in Damascus, Syria, a German newsmagazine reported Saturday.
        Former Nazi SS officer Alois Brunner, who is facing a war crimes trial in France, is living under the name Georg Fischer in a suite in the hotel Meridien, Der Spiegel said, citing the results of a lengthy probe by a French investigating judge.
      The Austrian-born Brunner, now 87, has long been believed to be living in Syria. France and Germany have both asked for his extradition, but Syrian officials have consistently denied any knowledge of Brunner.
        Serving as a top aide to Adolf Eichmann, the overseer of the Nazi death machine, Brunner allegedly helped organize the deportation and murder of at least 130,000 Jews from Germany, Austria, France and Greece.
        A French judge recommended Sept. 1 that Brunner be tried in absentia for allegedly deporting 250 Jewish children to Auschwitz, where they died. The trial is expected to begin next year.

      Chrys &Harold - 09/09/99 18:58:33
      My URL:
      Where are you from?: GA
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: Yes
      Would you like to share your story?: Yes

      I really applaud you for your dedication to the people!   Have enjoyed my visit very much!

      Qeren - 09/06/99 20:42:32
      Where are you from?: Jerusalem
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: no

      Well done and very important.   Yechiel Mann is really brilliant.
      I'd like to now as more as possible on this topic - the greatest interior scandal and the biggest shame of our jewish Motherland. Worth helping the yemenite to find their families.

      Ernest Gotlib - 08/30/99 10:21:31
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: Arn't we all?

      Comments:   Stop Abuse! you may be interested in the following story.

      On February 17, 1999, INS raided at a factory in Camarillo, in Ventura County, California, during which an INS agent allegedly made derogatory remarks to employees referring to their ethnic and religious background.  A Complaint was filed by Bill Wood, president of the Wilwood factory, which produces disc brakes for automobiles.

      The day after the raid, Wood and several employees charged that INS agents had made disparaging remarks based on the workers' ethnic and religious background during the raid.  Company accounting manager Mike Zeldis, an orthodox Jew, said the lead agent in the raid addressed him as "Rabbi" using "a very belligerent tone--it was insulting and embarrassing."

      "He asked me for identification and asked where I was born..." said Zeldis.  "For a moment, I didn't feel like I was in America, I almost felt like I was in Germany."  Agents reportedly referred to a whole group of Spanish-speaking employees by referring to them as "Pedro" and "Pancho."

      Ref: LA Times 2/19/99, Ventura County Star 2/19/99.

      bill - 08/26/99 13:12:27
      Where are you from?: usa

      in this country there are too many entangling alliances and corruption

      Lewis - 08/16/99 18:57:57
      My URL:
      Where are you from?: USA

      I study and do searches on the web for information about the "New World Order" and related subjects and just wanted to share a few links that I thought you would appreciate.  This newsletter author has a free weekly newsletter that anyone can subscribe to by sending a blank e-mail to:

      He keeps past issues on his web site, here are a few that I think you will find very, very interesting and informative:

      This link is for a free sample issue of a prophecy magazine,
      the author researches revealing info on the U.N. also: What is endtime?

      Grace Cross - 08/15/99 23:35:09
      My URL:
      Where are you from?: California
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: Yes
      Would you like to share your story?: If I can find the time, perhaps:)

      Hello :)  I dropped in today to invite you to pay a visit to my site and consider applying for my award, The Grace Award, exclusively for sites rated Mature or Adult.  This award was initiated to fill a vacancy imposed by family friendly conservatives seeking to institute / enforce net-wide censorship of "inappropriate" subject matter.  This award is exclusively for sites expressing explicit reproductive, sexual, or biological content, erotic art, and/or straightforward, unbiased religious, spiritual or politial content.
      (ADULT is NOT synonymous with pornography.
      This award is NOT for pornographic sites.)

      A brief review of your site assured me that you meet these minimum qualifications.  Please come and nominate your site at your earliest convenience.  Good luck :)

      My site banner

      michael drain - 08/09/99 14:24:42
      My Email://////////////???????????????/
      Where are you from?: belfast ireland
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: no
      Would you like to share your story?: //////////////////////////////////////

      return all arab jews to their rightful parents and peoples

      Uzi Goren - 08/08/99 15:16:32
      Where are you from?   Jerusalem

      Abuse of power by Shas: PM Ehud Barak paid a price for his decision to prefer Shas over the Likud in this government.  Now Shas extorts continuesly all governments.  The most recent example is why the Electric Company turbine didn't make it to Ashkelon on Friday August 6th.  This pattern has repeated itself ever since Shas signed the coalition agreement.  Shas is unwilling or unable to identify with the needs of the state or assume its civic responsibilities.  As far as Shas is concerned, its great success on election day is only a lever to advance its narrow interests, not an opportunity to genuinely integrate itself into the management of the affairs of state.

      Shlomo Shaked - 08/08/99 13:49:17
      My URL:
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: yes unfortunately


      Moshe Cohen - 08/06/99 12:06:28
      Where are you from?   Israel

      Comments:     Tallas Must Go!
      Palestinian President, Yasser Arafat
      (whether we like him or not), is considered
      the symbole of the Palestinian people.
      General Tallas (Syrian Defence Minister)
      attacks Arafat personally saying that he's an
      "ugly striptease dancer or son of a bitch or
      a black dog or a black cat."

      General Tallas should go!

      on the microphon abuser Tallas

      Doug Flutie - 08/01/99 05:33:55
      Where are you from?: Boston
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: no

      Comments:  How could you talk about peace?

      Arab countries abused their power on the account
      of Arabs who name themselves now "Palestinians".

      Please let me quote the Arab secretary General in '48: "This will be a war of extermination, and momentous massacre, like the Mongoalians massacres of Gheghis Khan." Then the Arab Armies requested and ordered, that the Arab population leave there homes, to clear the Area, so that the Arab armies could exterminate the Jews.

      You should rather read my 4 articles, Ustase (Croatian and Muslim fascists) that document the alliance between Hajj Amin Al Husseini and Hitler.  Read how Husseinin helped the Bosnian muslims in WW2, to murder all the Jews and Serbs in Yugoslavia.  Please see a pic on that site, showing Hajj Amin Al Husseini, with the murderous SS Nazis Troops: WWII, Muslim SS division Hanjar, photographs.  Se other pic Haj Amin al-Husseini.

      The real ethnic cleansing happened, when the Arabs kicked out 800,000 Jews from the Arab countries in 1948.  Israel took in every single one of those 800,000 Jewish Refugees, while the Arabs with 22 countries, refused to take in any of the Arab Refugees they created, when they attacked Israel in 1948.  Deliberately they abused them as some kind of sick Leverage.

      There was never a state called Palestine.  Could you name one Palestinian President before 1948?  Although "Palestinian Arabs" had never controlled the land, now the Arabs have 80% of the land since the Balfour Declaration.  Israel has merely 20% . . .

      M. Lerner - 07/29/99 13:49:17
      My URL:
      Where are you from?: Israel
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: We all are

      Eveyone who lives in Israel and was brainwashed by Avishai Raviv and his friends in the G.S.S. (the "shabak") and the Israeli media are victims of the worst kind of corruption: a government uses its security services to disparage its political opponents. It's about time that the people in the legal community who closed Raviv's criminal files be prosecuted for abuse of power.

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