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      Sandy - 05/21/98 23:22:38     REMOTE ADDR:
      My       AOL denied this address as a valid one
      Where are you from?  somewhere over the rainbow   System recognizes visitor as the same who wrote previously
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  nope
      Would you like to share your story?  nope

      Don't you think the Americans is a very broad thing to say. If you think all us Americans are terrible to aliens or whoever else- may I ask who fucking asked you to come to our country!!! No one. I'm not a racist, but it really does not float my boat when you think you can come and broadcast America's misdoings to whoever you damn well please. If ya wanna go an trash the country you live in, we can always to deport you to some back alley in China. Does that sound nice.   I didn't think so. Stop complainging about everything. I admitt that not everyone is treated fairly, and some people are jipped- but if ya wanna make in America you gotta understand that life isn't fair and your lucky to be here.   Be grateful that you do have countless right, freedom of speech, and liberty in this country. Don't act like this place hasn't done anything for you, cause it has. If ya wanna go somewhere where you can't have the liberty you have here, be my guest. It isn't like other people don't have special advantages already here. So shut the hell up, and pray every night that you live in a place where you are free.

      Meghan - 05/21/98 23:11:26     REMOTE ADDR:
      Where are you from?  San Diego
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  nope
      Would you like to shareyour story?  don't have one

      The best way to stop things like this from happening is actually going to school, getting a degree and stop fucking whining. If you want to make a difference, don't trust other people to do it. God, the only thing you are achiving here is wasting time wile you could be outside making a mark on this world, not clogging my computer!!!

      Donna Williams - 05/20/98 04:13:55
      Where are you from?  Three Rivers, MI
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  yes
      Would you like to share your story?  not yet

      I received your e-mail and was happy to visit your site.
      I will definitely be back to read more.
      I wish you success in fighting the abuses of our government.

      Paul McLaughlin - 05/18/98 00:11:14
      My URL:
      Where are you from?  Eugene, Oregon
      Would you like to share your story?  yes

      Stop Child Abuse since 1975 from Donora, PA. and Portland, Oregon (U.S).
      A little boy and his twin sister tormented from severe abuse for 18 years. Their older brother and sister were NOT abused. Paul almost dies twice. Since 1975, Paul tells his story on 7 talk radio, 3 magazines, Open Forums, speeches, newspaper articles, unpublished booklet and fund raising for the homeless, hungry, crippled children, cancer and child absue. Paul graduated from High School at the age of 21, Special Education. Stop child Abuse

      Shavsha - 05/13/98 08:25:59
      My URL: The Illumination Project

      I understand your dismay. My father was a "foreigner" from Greece and suffered much abuse at the hands of American society. Unlike you, my father did not fight against maltreatment.........he instead attempted to clone his persecutors.....he lost.......and died when i was fifteen.

      TIP is designed to address the racial disparities within this country's collection of corrupt systems known as the system of Justice in this country.   We are not lawyer-affiliated but are a collective christian people who are compelled to stand for those who can not.   Unfortunately we do not have the staff to tackle a wider view of this injustice.   I believe you have every right to be angry and concerned about your case.   I believe that what happened is just as you say and that you are being persecuted by this county.   I simply don't know how to help you.......other than listening and talking/typing with you.   If that is acceptable to you then I hope you keep in touch.

      Shavsha   The Illumination Project (TIP)

      Captain - 05/05/98 20:36:14

      Gee Doron, you found an employer will to abuse the system with you by committing a fraud against the citizens of the US. Now what we have to do is get the alien certification papers and see if any Americans were denied this position because of your complicity in defrauding the US, then they can find an attorney to file a REAL discrimination case.   Made a bargain with the devil, go find Daniel Webster.

      Rick - 05/02/98 21:46:01

      I have made the argument for years that those who want cheap immigrant labor are guilty of a modern day slave holder mentality.   They condone, in fact encourage, a new feudal society with the immigrants a new class of serf.   And they justify it with financial benefits.   Cheap lettuce, whatever.

      The problem is that all of our opponents make money from legal and illegal immigrants.   From social services looking to expand their bureaucracy, to non-profits seeking more and more clients, to employers who want cheap labor, to consumers who want cheap products.   All we have to offer is the preservation of our heritage and our culture for our posterity and our not wanting to see an evolution to a new feudal society.   We're selling the intangible and our opponents are selling the tangible.   One set of victims exits that doesn't directly effect us.   It is the abuse of immigrants at the hands of their fellow countrymen who are forced into prostitution and slavery.   Because the US is so lax in enforcement of our immigration laws, those who wish to abuse others--after tricking them into coming to USA or indenturing them by charging a very high fee--are getting away with literal murder in the abuse of illegals that they help bring to this country. This is an unknown and unseen human misery that is played out every day by criminals who view humans as cargo. An unseen abuse, but tragic and disgusting non-the-less.

      Danielle - 04/30/98 01:14:50

      very interesting I have decided to do my history report on this subject. Your article had plenty of information but no pictures. Other then that it was good. I'll write back and tell you my grade. Thank youvery much!

      Ami Isseroff - 04/11/98 10:31:56
      My URL:

      This is a very interesting site, Doron. There was a similar story that I heard on the radio (or was it you??) about a fellow who tried to find out on what basis judges issue search warrants. It turns out that 1. it is a completely mechanical process - the judge hardly has time to read anything. 2. The man got a run-around for 8 years trying to get the judicial department to release the records.   So we have a long way to go here. I do not think the problem is corruption though. Just "atimut" and buraucratic megalomania.   Ami

      Charles - 04/09/98 17:34:50

      There is very little justice in amerika, just organized crime trying to get as much as it can get!

      Mason A. Clark - 03/27/98 09:45:29

      Unfortunatly, your web page is so cluttered and noisy with marquees etc that it is not practical for me to attempt to read it. I have no time nor desire to "trim my browser" to suit your personal preference of fonts; fonts I don't have and don't want. I suspect that you may have something important to say, but the noise level makes it impossible to know. Sorry, just trying to be helpful.

      Doron Tal (web-site owner) - 03/20/98 09:03:18
      My URL:
      Where are you from?  Israel
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  Yes
      Would you like to share your story?  It's here on this web site

      Comments:   A response to anonymous Herzel (below):
      "It is not God's will merely that we should be happy, but that we should make ourselves happy."
          -Immanuel Kant

      I would be happier after setting things right!

      Herzel - 03/19/98 19:23:33

      Comments:   You are so bitter!   why?   take life easy     - Herzel

      Yafim - 02/27/98 17:17:43
      Where are you from?  Israel
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  Yes?
      Would you like to share your story?  No

      Your site is nice, something-childish.   But... being an ex-Soviet Russia jew, your interpretation of "fighting the civil-rights wars", reminds me some stincking doctrines from my childhood.   After the experience you gained with the Israely and US corrupted regimes, why shouldn't you try to liberate some tribes in Africa or advise some former Soviet Republics in theier war against corruption.

        By the way, your story of working in USA with NO proper visa - It seems like a criminal case; don't you know that according to US laws alliens with no working permit are forbidden to work otherwise it's law violation.   So what are your expectations?   It's America - not some Banana Republic.

      Brian E. Bunn - 02/17/98 07:17:54
      Where are you from?  Indiana, USA
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  Yes
      Would you like to share your story?  I have to some extent with you, but would love to present the story in more detail should you desire.


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