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      Doron Tal - 03/22/99 23:59:18
      My URL:Stop The Abuse of Power
      Where are you from?   Karmiel, Israel

      Comments:   Webmaster's response to Rindy (see the previous post)

      I don't know who you are.   Nowhere in this web-site I wrote that I dislike you, or anyone else.  See for example my page, Peace and Tolerance.  Therefore, your reaction below is absolutely unclear to me.  Nowhere on these pages there is a negative word against Christianity.  Besides, if you have read these pages even partially you should have realized that I'm criticizing "my" people.  See for example Abuse of Power in Israel.

      Indeed I put on my web-site references to other sites and web-rings. I'm NOT responsible in any manner to what other web-sites' owners write.   Still I think they deserve freedom of speech as much as you do.  You should understand the difference!

      If you like to know where from we are, then please surf on to The 'Turkel Tribe'.   Read about my huge family.   You should realize that most of them perished in the holocaust.   I for one has nothing against Germany of today or Germans only because they are Germans.

        (web-site owner)

        Rindy - 03/21/99 20:56:15
      Where are you from?: Florida

      Comments:     Your site disappoints me greately!
      I don't have a thing against the Jewish people. As God's chosen people I admire and respect them and have only treated them with the utmost kindness (but if I'm honest I have not been treated the same way in return).

      However, after viewing your web page, and others like it, I'm wondering why the Jewish people dislike us/me so much? There is such HATE on your pages! Per a quote I read from one your Jewish Ring Sites, some of you want "to wipe Christians off the face of the earth!" Hmmm, I see no difference in your attitudes and those of Germany and other skum who hate the Jewish people!

      Can you explain the difference because I REALLY WANT TO KNOW! I do not wish to annoy, insult or upset you...I just want to know. Guess it bothers me that you all would kill me without even knowing me...without knowing if I was for or against you.

      If it was wrong for the Germans to kill Jews just because they were Jews isn 't it wrong to kill me just because I'm of the Christian faith? I understand your people have been persecuted more than any other but I had nothing to do with it. (Oh, and just so you know, my ancestory is NOT from Germany and like countries as several Jewish people have automatically assumed.) Once again, I am asking this question so I can understand where you all are coming from. I would welcome a reply.

      Thank you.

      Asrael - 03/21/99 09:25:20
      My URL:


      SouL EateR - 03/06/99 04:55:40
      My URL:
      Where are you from?: Dallas, Tx, USA!!!
      Have you been a victim of corruption?: does being the member of a terrible lie count?
                                  Lutheran church? (I'm all better now! :-)~

      Hello, I have a nice page, with nice "truths", what I see as the truth ( logic is my truth ! ),
      and I have been in the ROT queue for like almost 2 and a half months! please help !!!!
      my id# is:285   title is The Many Lies of christianity: The Fight For Free Thought
      If you are interested in the Atheist's view of religion, mainly christianity, then check out my page!
      The Many Lies of christianity
      [ ENTER ]

      I expose many of the insanities that go along with organized religion,
      so that "YOU" can make up "YOUR" own mind on what "YOU" should and will believe!

      -thanx, SouL EateR }:-)~

      ~chana - 02/26/99 14:20:27
      Where are you from?  New York
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  yes
      Would you like to share your story? 
        I can do this only by being an ongoing witness to the lives of others and by never forgetting...

      Comments:     Doron, Good Shabbos Zachor!

          It is a time of fasting and feasting, of what is hidden and revealed, of remembering and forgetting.

          Thanks again for being a witness and a leader of grace and intelligence, for redefining, in a new time and in a new media, what it means to be person to person, one human being to another.

      D.Johanna Carpeta - 02/16/99 22:45:30
      Where are you from?  Morristown NJ

      Comments: Hi !!!!

      Stephen Boursy - 02/09/99 06:00:24
      My URL:
      Where are you from?  many stories
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  of course
      Would you like to share your story?  yes


        I'm here to share a story of corruption within the state government of Massachusetts.
        I'd appreciate it if you'd check in to my website.   Thanks--nicely done.

      JJ - 12/31/98 19:50:01


        Very informative site.   Thank you.
        Visit to learn about another form of government and insurance-sponsored abuse --
        the abuse of psychiatric "patients" in the name of "health".

      Broder's Rare & Used books - 12/31/98 01:09:06
      My URL:

      Rare & Used Judaica Bookstore on the WEB.....................................................................

      Ian Bayne - 11/27/98 00:20:35
      My URL:
      Where are you from?  Massachusetts
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  Yes
      Would you like to share your story?  maybe later

      For a fair unbiased look at our political parties and where you fit in, for beginners, please visit:

      Donald E.J. Field - 11/22/98 12:05:31
      My URL:
      Where are you from?  Australia
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  Yes
      Would you like to share your story?  Yes

      I am the author of the SEVEN BOOKS OF CONTENTION.
      You may perceive this literature as an insult to your intelligence. You may curse the audacity of the author, but we really should all take a good look at ourselves, face reality and stop hiding behind our own self-righteous, ill-perceived social instruction. These books will give you food for thought.
      Donald E.J. Field

      Bary Chamish - 11/07/98 10:09:38
      My URL:
      Where are you from?  Modiin
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  My Lord yes
      Would you like to share your story?  Yes


        Well done. You cut through the detours and arrived at the exact destination. Every question you ask needs to be properly answered. Barry

      - 10/14/98 01:33:09


      guledani george - 09/28/98 02:28:32
      Where are you from?  georgia (gruzia)
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  yes
      Would you like to share your story?  no

      i was very interested by your "rabin questions".you have done a really good job, trust me.tamshih kach ve tacliah baatid.kol tuv leha, haver

      Jean Godbout - 09/14/98 13:11:15
      My URL:
      Where are you from?  Laval, Quebec, Canada
      Have you been a victim of corruption?  YES, YES, YES
      Would you like to share your story?  Yes


      Please have a look at how two "medical experts" doctors destroy my life, contesting discal hernias for the benefit of the "compensation board"; the Quebec CSST.   Now it is time to face the truth, and please look at this page: you will find out the lies of the Collège des médecins who wrote me.   I invite you all to be witness of the medical and administrative frauds made by the government of Quebec (CSST + BÉM) to the détrimens of health, security and physical integrity of " his " victims... These criminal acts are done with considering and with known government of Canada which prefers to close the eyes...! A parody of justice, without regard for the Bill of the rights and freedoms of the person, with for principal actors of the people in the need. A true shame for the democracy.
      They made me disable!
      Jean Godbout Laval, Quebec Canada, the country which violates the humans right

      For more details: 111 pages of evidences...

      "We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people
      but for the appalling silence of the good people." - Martin Luther King Jr.

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