Who Killed Rabin?

The truth behind the iron curtain

In September '98 I purchased a book
and a video cassette that might have given
answers to some of my open questions

Herein five jpg stills referred in the previous page Best - - for The Truth !

Best viewed at 16 million colors (but reduction to 256 colors is OK - not much is lost).   There are further frames The Truth is working on, which apparently show the gun, when Amir drops it lower, he straightens up, as if waiting to see the results of his first shot.   (Police interrogation: "What happened then?"   "Nothing, he [Rabin] just stood there as if nothing happened" - replied Amir).

So Amir IS after all in the frames, even if he is not "visible" on video (I never doubted it, it is just a matter of working methodically on the material to find him out).   Yediot didn't just draw him in.   Yediot's "arm" though, is pure fiction.   I just wonder how much time they really had at their disposal to work on the frame. Maybe they were too eager to be the first to go public with the still and that was their downfall likely.

image enhancement

This picture uses another method of image enhancement, adding or detratcting nothing from its content.   That is, whatever info is in the photo will be (selectively) enhanced, but nothing will appear 'out of nowhere' if it wasn't there to begin with.

enlarged space around amir

This is the enlarged space around Amir.


This is The Truth's outline of Amir's shape as he sees it.   Accordingly, Amir chest is facing the camra and firing with his RIGHT ARM - not surprising, as he IS right-handed.   His left arm is held high, elbow bent, to maintain balance as he lurches forward - quite a natural stance.   His shooting arm is by no means fully streched forward.

another filtering This is yet another technique of filtering information.   Again, nothing added nor detracted.   What is there can, to a degree, be isolated.   The Truth thinks it shows Amir's GUN!

enlargement+circle This is the enlargement of the last picture above, and both green circles are made by The Truth (the only "info" introduced by him in these stills).

Read about the Judicial points in Yigal Amir's trial

there were 2 guns

Is there Freedom of Information in Israel?

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