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No signs of firing a gun found on Amir's hands

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Rabin's assassination
Open Questions
posted October 18, 1998, revised Nov 26, 1999

  1. What was the direct cause of Rabin's death?
    1. Isn't there a contradicting evidence concerning the cause of death?
    2. Isn't there a contradiction between the testimonies of Dr. Yehuda Hiss and chief inspector Baruch Gladstein?
    3. Isn't there a contradiction between the testimonies of Dr. Yehuda Hiss and Dr. Yoram Kluger?
    4. Why has Dr. Gutman never been asked to present his testimony in court?

  2. How many bullets did hit Rabin?
    1. Where was he hurt in his body?
    2. What are the angles of penetration?
    3. What are the kinds of bullets?
    4. Who did pull the bullets off the body?
    5. Was any steel ball found in the bullets, or was there a sign that steel balls had been added to Hollow Point bullets?

  3. Was Rabin hurt before entering his car?

  4. Was there blood stain on the pavement at the place Yigal Amir shot the gun?
    If not, why?

  5. How many shells were found on the pavement near Rabin's car?
    1. When 9mm shells were found at the Kings Square and by whom delivered to the police? (Protocol 161)
    2. Has it proven beyond reasonable doubt that these shells were fired by the defendant, Amir?
    3. How many shots were heard by witnesses? (in TV2 video there were 3)
    4. What was the firing rate according to witnesses? (in TV2 video there was a shot, delay and additional 2 shots)
    5. How many guns were found by the police and where?
      There is a police report about two identical 9mm guns, Berreta 84F, serial numbers D90555Y and D98231Y!
    6. Isn't there contradiction between statements and testimonies concerning the delivery of Amir's gun from the scene?

  6. Did Rabin bent, fell down, or pushed down after the first shot?
    Did Rabin walk to the car without a shout of pain?
    1. Are there contradicting statements about it, gathered by the police?
    2. If so, why wasn't it investigated thoroughly?

  7. Who did call "Blanks! Blanks!" (if at all) and why?

    There few versions, like: "It is not genuine!"

  8. Who is Kempler?   Did he really take the video broadcasted on TV2?
    1. How did the camera man (Kempler?) know to focus on Yigal Amir?
    2. Who were the people standing near the camera man (Kempler?) on the balcony?
    3. Why was the camera deflected away of the scene after the first shot?

  9. How did Yigal Amir could penetrate through the heavy security ring?

    Was Yigal Amir "the only man how accomplished his mission"? As the reporter Moshe Zonder literally wrote in Maariv weekend magazin of Sep 27, 1996.

  10. Why did Yigal Amir hastly and proudly confess on his way to the police station that he had done the action? Amir: "I fired him at no range . . . . . . even I could not believe it would be so easy."

  11. What has Yigal Amir pleaded in his trial (498/95)?
    1. How did his lawyers react to his pleading?
    2. How has the court reacted?

  12. Is Yigal Amir left handed?
    1. Which hand did Yigal Amir use to hold the gun, in the picture of Yediot Achronot?
    2. What is the approximate length of his arm as seen there?
    3. Alternatively, what is seen on "Kemplers` video"?
    4. Which hand did Yigal Amir use to reconstruct the alleged murder?

  13. What was the angle that Amir held the gun at the reconstruction?
    1. Why?
    2. Was there another testimony affirming this reconstruction?

  14. At what distance Yigal Amir was behind the Prime Minister shooting the gun?
    1. What was the range according to witnesses?
    2. What was the range according to "Kampler's video"?
    3. What was the range according to the reconstruction by the defendant, Amir? (Court's Protocol 71, 74-6, 160)

  15. What is the difference between Amir's gun and the other F84 gun brought to the Police? Who did own the other gun?

  16. Has any of the GSS agents died on Nov 15, 1995?   If so, why?
    1. Who was Yoav Kuriel (27 years old), who died on Nov 15, 1995?
    2. What was the cause of his death?
    3. What was reported?
    4. Was his death connected with Rabin's assassination?

  17. How was Yoram Rubin (Rabin's body guard) hit at the shooting?
    1. How severe was his hurt?
    2. For how many days was he "hospitalized"?

  18. Why had it been decided that all intelligence during the investigation of the murder case would be done with the GSS, in their responsibility (said at Court Protocol page 140)?   Isn't it the cat who keeps the butter?

  19. Has Avishai Raviv "Champagne" ever given blank bullets to Itamar Ben-Dvir (said at Court Protocol page 140)?

  20. Who was Itamar Ben-Dvir that the police asked to subpoena (said at Court Protocol page 138)?   Has he ever been investigated?   If not, why?
    1. Who is Itamar Ben-Gvir the son of Tzadok, ID 038678793, from Mevaseret Zion, whom officer Gazit wished to subpoena?
    2. Was he (either Dvir or Gvir) investigated by the police?

  21. According to Kempler's video, Shimon Peres and few body guards crowded close to Rabin's service car, just before the shooting.   They pointed at Rabin's car and in the direction of Yigal Amir.   What was they concerned about?

  22. Was Damti - Rabin's driver - standing by Peres too?

  23. Which route did Damti choose to drive to Ichilov Hospital? How long did it take him to arrive there?

    Maariv weekend magazine of Sep 27, 1996, cite a statement of a trooper.   Apparently Rabin's car was not taking the shortest route to Ichilov Hospital.

  24. How has Damti reacted to the question, why hadn't he used the car radio?
    1. Was Leah Rabin in the PM car going to the Hospital?
    2. What did Damti say about Leah Rabin entering this car?

  25. Who had slammed the right rear door of Rabin's car before he and his body guard entered inside?

  26. What has NBC network concluded after they had investigated Rabin's assassination?

  27. Who did operate the GMC van on the pavement, within the security zone

  28. About 40 minutes after the shooting, what did Dr. Efraim Sneh, Minister of Health, said on live television about Rabin's death standing by Dr. Gabi Barabash, Ichilov Hospital manager?   Why did they deny their own statement later on?

  29. What did Dr. Gutman report on TV, and what had he written affirming by his signature on November 4, 1995, at 11:30 P.M. concerning the cause of Rabin's death?

  30. If a bullet had penetrated Rabin's chest, then why there was no hole found in his jacket?   Interestingly there is neither hole in the blood stained paper with the peace song. .

  31. On what evidence does Barry base his claim that the court deliberately changed the testimony of Baruch Gladstein, amending the shot range from 10cm to 25cm.  If this item was indeed amended, then why?   What is the essence?  Is the argument concerns 10cm versus 25cm, or close range versus 2-3 meters?

The above are my amended open questions concerning Rabin's assassination.   Here are my answers to previous question that are resolved by now.


Q. Is there a hole in the blood stained paper, from which Eithan Habber read the peace song?

A. No! Anyone who watches the published photograph would see that there is no hole.

Q. Why, when and by whose permission did Eithan Habber took Rabin's bloody closes away from the Hospital?

A. I have found no basis affirming Barry's accusation.

Q. Eithan Habber said to "Kol Hair" newspaper that he rushed to PM office and took away Rabin's possessions.   Was it a justified urgent action?   Isn't such an action a destruction of evidence?

A. Yes, it was an urgent action, because it is reasonable that Rabin held confidential stuff that should not have been exposed to any police officer or GSS agent.   This was proper if the documents or items were not relevant to the investigation of Rabin's assassination.

However, quite odd answers to all the above questions are proposed by Barry Chamish, in his new English book, "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?"   the book was published in the USA, September 1998.  Now the book is sold in Israel, despite an attempt to ban it.

There is a fictitious Hebrew novel - "Srak" - written by Ori Barkan, following Rabin's assassination.   It can be downloaded here. press button

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