How was Rabin killed and by whom?

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Yigal Amir has not acted just with his brother
The GSS should have known who was behind the plot !

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The evidence was always thereNew!

Read about the Judicial points in Yigal Amir's trial

In June 1998, State Prosecutor - Edna Arbel said about Avishai Raviv, the former Shin Bet informer who are allegedly incited assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin:
"If your purpose is to identify threats to public figures,
then you may be willing to overlook minor crimes like slashing tires."

there were 2 guns

Isn't it an opening for a selective prosecution or a double standard?
Newpapaer still Why does this picture quite differ
from what is seen on TV-2 ?

See below

I was told (June 10 '98) that #3 is not
a cop, he's media student Mordi Israel.

Were there blood drops?
Were there bullet shells?

Who did yell "Srak! Srak!"
(Blanks! Blanks!)?
Yediot down-sized Below, there is a man on the right side of Rabin (#1)
Video frame
but Yigal Amir (#2) is missing in this Kempler video. . .
gun-flash difference

The picture on the left is a subtruction of the above two pictures, after conversion to the same scale.   The video frame is subtracted from the picture of Yediot.   Therefore the video is negative, i.e. white is black and visa versa.   In front of the arrow you can see the difference in the shape of the gun flash.   The upper black and more condensed shape is the gun flash on the video.   The white oval shape is what appears in the newspaper, Yediot Acharonot.

There is a reason to believe that the snap shots were taken at the same time.

Accordingly, it is alleged hereby that "they" have manufactured false evidence to frame Yigal Amir or he had conspired with them in a covert operation. There is a reason to believe he was acting as a decoy solely.

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Is there Freedom of Information in Israel?

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