The motion and the following decision

On June 13, 1999, Israeli Court granted me
to add a relief for non-monetary damage
because I had proven that a libel had been
made against me by Dr. Moshe Marc Lavid
the CEO of M.L. Energia, Inc. Princeton NJ.
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Doron Tal v. Moshe Lavid (NJ, USA)
seven six employees of RAFAEL
Israeli Armament Development Authority

Ref.  Case No. 1184/97  at Magistrate Court in Petach Tikva, Israel
The lawsuit was filed January 14, 1997       Background Story

Herein photocopy of the June 13, 1999, Motion and Decision.
A relief over non-monetary damages was granted.
Defendants may file a response.

Motion to amend lawsuit

my peculiar motion to amend the lawsuit

The 13-June-1999 Decision

June 13, 1999 decision of the court letting an amend my lawsuit
The partial decision given on May 24, 1999

Initial article about this case English, or Hebrew by Mr. Eyal Gutman
was published in a local Israeli magazine "Kol Karmiel"  May 30, 1997

  1. See the complete follow up of this Case LIBEL and Transgression of PRIVACY
    initially filed with a Magistrate Court in Petach Tikva, Israel
    later disposed to the District Court of Jerusalem.
    Liability of RAFAEL's officers was partly denied (May 24, 1999) by Judge Ben-Zimra
    My pending appeal before Higher court was filed on July 13, 1999.

  2. See the follow up of a related Case 2-91/97   breach of employment contract
    at Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem, Israel, now pending in Haifa.

  3. I revoked my petition 3434/98  at the Supreme Court, sitting as the "High Court of Justice"

  4. Why should have the "High Court of Justice" covered-up corruption?

Other cases of a conspiracy against civil servants:

Ha`aretz: RAFAEL is ordered by Supreme Court, in the matter of Dr. Arnon Bone

Ha`aretz: RAFAEL is condemned by Supreme Court, in the matter of Mr. Israel F.

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