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Demand to remove libeous letter from a personal file of a civil servant (Hebrew lawsuit)
I have moved the court to dismiss the case when I have was permitted to have an access to my personal file.
page 1 of a demand to remove libeous letter from a file (Hebrew lawsuit)
page 2 of a demand to remove libeous letter from a file (Hebrew lawsuit)
This case was closed following my motion to dismiss.

The public should know who the conspirators are

  1. See the follow up of this Case LIBEL and Transgression of PRIVACY
    initially filed with a Magistrate Court in Petach Tikva, Israel
    later disposed to the District Court of Jerusalem.
    Liability of RAFAEL's officers was partly denied (May 24, 1999) by Judge Ben-Zimra
    My pending appeal before Higher court was filed on July 13, 1999.

  2. See the follow up of a related Case 2-91/97   breach of employment contract
    at Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem, Israel, now pending in Haifa.

  3. I revoked my petition 3434/98  at the Supreme Court, sitting as the "High Court of Justice"

  4. Why should have the "High Court of Justice" covered-up corruption?

    In 1988, the Israeli Supreme Court of Justice decided in the matter of Abraham Markowitch v. Commissioner of Civil Service (Sup. Ct. 453/87)  [translated from Hebrew]: "we may not agree with the manner that respondent acted, filing complaints against an employee without letting his response.   Either the material is irrelevant, and if so it must not be filed within a personal file, it should be returned to the sender . . . or if the material is relevant, then the person about whom a complaint was written must have a fair opportunity to respond; the complaint and the response should be filed" [in the same file].

Other cases exposing conspiracy against civil servants:

  1. RAFAEL is condemned by Supreme Court in the matter of Mr. Israel F.
  2. RAFAEL is ordered by Supreme Court in the matter of Dr. Arnon Bone

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