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Public Denied Hearing at Public Hearing

Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 22:50:46 -0500
From: Dianne Miller
To:   Charles Petras
Subject: Public hearing

April 3, 1998
Chicago, Illinois


Appellate Judge stops invited member of the public from speaking to the
Commission on the Structural Alternative for the U.S. Courts of Appeal
Chicago "Public Hearing".

Marshals secure room and bar the public's re-entry. Visibly shaken judges
make hasty exit to "security area". Justin Garriott, reporting

On April 3, 1998, at a "public hearing" in Chicago, a panel of appellate
judges meeting with the public about ways to improve the Appellate Courts
heard more than it was ready or willing to hear. After reminding the
panel of Senator Joseph Biden's remark in 1990 that "the courtroom doors
are closed to the American public", Chicago pro se Peter Jon Simpson told
the judges that those doors " are now permanently welded shut".

In a often scathing report which he was invited to deliver, Simpson
attempted to relate several cases of blatant intellectual dishonesty,
judicial misconduct, perjury, and obstruction of justice that, named
numerous federal judges in several districts currently on the bench.
Simpson's message was so unsettling and unwelcome that the judges were
visibly unnerved and Judge Gilbert Merritt ultimately cut Mr. Simpson
off, "recessing" a public hearing then barely two hours old.

Apparently the message frightened them as well. One minute into Simpson's
remarks, a federal marshal left the room, returning with five more. The
marshals moved closer to Simpson when he asked Judge Merritt why he
couldn't extend his remarks, when licensed attorneys were allowed to
extend theirs.

Judge Merritt and his associates, Judge Rymer, U. Virginia law professor
Daniel Meador and a staff member exited quickly after denying this member
of "the public" a hearing at this allegedly "public hearing". While in
recess, the marshals told Simpson, his family and this reporter to "take
it out into the hall". When all immediately complied with that order, the
Marshals stood in front of the doors, preventing re-entry.

Judge Merritt promised the full text of Mr. Simpson's remarks would be
posted on the Commissions website. Said Mr. Simpson later, "It will
probably be an air-conditioned day in Hell before that happens". "We the
people" shall soon see, even though "We the people" cannot be heard. Mr.
Simpson's complete presentation follows.


Address to the Commission on the Structural Alternatives for the Courts
of Appeal at Chicago, April 3, 1998, Peter Jon Simpson, Christian Legal
Education Association and Research, 4842 N Magnolia, Chicago, 60640-4710.

Tel:  (773) 878-0681  voice ///  0682  fax  ///

email at:

I am Peter Jon Simpson, an American with firsthand knowledge of the
Federal Judiciary today. Thank you for your invitation. Restructuring the
Appellate Courts involves three questions:

1) What does a non-lawyer litigant in America have to do to get his case
read by a judge who understands the law and a Constitutional question
before him?

2) What does a non-lawyer litigant in America have to do to get his
Appeal placed before a panel of judges who will

 a)  read it and who

 b)  understands the law and the Constitutional question before them?

3)  What do Americans have to do to experience good, old fashioned legal

History notes in 1066 William The Conqueror landed in England, burned his
ships behind him and lost half his army in the 1st battle he fought. He
conquered England anyway. Why? Because as the retreating English King
sent for the people to come to the defense of the King and the
fatherland, the people refused his call.

Why? They ignored the invasion of their own country because the corrupt
federal judges of their day had reduced them to slaves on the land. There
were two sets of rules, one for the King's cronies, another for the
people. The people, facing a legal system that worked solely for the
benefit of the privileged elite, stood by as the invaders marched.

Do you know why many today would not lift a finger if an enemy came to
these shores and threatened you members of this panel, your cronies, and
the silk-stocking lawyers and judges that surround me in this room? Do
you know why many would pray for the success of the invaders? Do you know
why many disenfranchised Americans would actually help the invaders,
hoping for a better deal from our enemy than the deal they've received
from the corrupt and reprehensible reprobates who parade as federal
judges today?

In the legislative history of the Judicial Improvements Act of 1990,
Senator Joseph Biden remarked " . . . the courthouse door is closed to
the American people". Believe me, it is now permanently welded shut. I am
the living embodiment of that. Can any of you explain why today,
non-lawyers like me who study and raise constitutional questions in
Federal courts, are laughed at, ignored or worse?

Kilgore wrote in Judicial Tyranny, "Tyranny cannot come to America until
judges become intellectually dishonest".

In 1991 my daughter was removed from my home at gunpoint, without any
court process whatsoever as required by state law. She was then assaulted
and sexually molested by government bureaucrats and their agents.

Ignoring a direct warning of the United States Supreme Court, I foolishly
appealed to justice, filing a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit. It was
summarily dismissed after 58 docket entries in 60 days. I have waited
over seven years for my constitutionally guaranteed "day in court". I am
still waiting.

Mr. Justice White, can you explain to me how I get my $120 filing fee
back. I paid for trial by impartial jury, not summary dismissal.

I drew Federal Judge Scott O Wright, known in Missouri as "Judge Scott
All Wrong", the District's Chief Judge. He has risen to his level of
incompetence. Scott All Wrong is as intellectually dishonest as the worst
of despots.

Can any of you learned judges explain to me why Judge Wrong has done
absolutely everything in his power to keep me from bringing those who
molested my daughter to trial? Absolutely everything?

Can any of you learned judges explain to me why the Federal Prosecutors
laughed in my face when I asked for a grand jury investigation of the
crimes visited on my then innocent three year old daughter?

Please, save your suggestions about hiring a lawyer for someone who knows
less than I do about our "caste-system legal system".

Can any of you learned judges explain to me why no lawyer-- not one--
dared lift a finger to help me? They all told my father as he waived his
checkbook at them, "we wouldn't touch this case with a 10 foot pole".

Mr. Justice White, can you explain to me how I can get my daughter's
innocence back? Can you please tell me how I can stop the nightmares from
waking her, how I can make her not flinch whenever she sees a cop?

My first go at the 8th Circus Court of Appeals won a summary reversal.
Since then, the 8th Circus judges have gone out of their way to deny me
relief unless and until I surrender my daughter to the very bureaucrats
who assaulted and molested her. Can any of you learned judges explain
this to me?

This panel has already learned live and firsthand that in the 11th Circus
no pro se petition ever reaches a judge's desk. Those opinions are
decided and written by clerks or staff lawyers. From my experience, the
same is true in every Appellate Circuit. Can any of you learned judges
explain to me why?

Is this what we the people pay federal judges $100,000+ per annum, plus
perks to do? Is this what passes for "intellectual honesty" in the
Federal Appellate Courts these days? Can any of you learned judges
explain any of this to me?

An eyewitness to this commission's Atlanta March 23rd meeting wrote me:

"Peggy did a fine job during the Commission Hearing. I sat in the back
and observed Senior Judge Hatchett who sat in the back mid section. He
started freaking out, looking back at the U.S. Marshall, not once or
twice but three times. When Peggy mentioned the thousands of 372
Complaints, he got up and called in extra U.S. Marshals. I JOKE NOT. By
the time the Marshals arrived, the hearing was adjourned."

Can any of you learned judges explain to me why this distinguished panel
does not possess the integrity to place a true and exact copy of Peggy
Dadic's complete remarks from that hearing on its web-site? Will my
remarks appear?

Is this panel aware of the revelations surrounding 7 U.S. Supreme Court
[Justices] receiving expensive trips and cash honoraria from West
Publishing Co. while West litigated in actions before that Supreme Court?
I have seen nothing from N. Lee Cooper, Esq. or his private country-club
American Bar Association about such conduct, conduct that would make the
most depraved South American Dictator blush. Can any of you learned
judges explain why? Is Mr. Cooper too busy?

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the American Spectator magazine had the
integrity at the time to publish the facts. Did Mr. Cooper miss those
reports because they're hard to read through the cigar-smoke in the back
rooms where most cases are decided and "the fix" is arranged?

Do you members of this Commission know what regular Americans, especially
non-lawyer litigants, face in these federal courts every day?

The 8th Circus Chief Judge is Richard Arnold. He sits on that alongside
his brother Morris Arnold, in willful and premeditated violation of the
very law they both swore to uphold, the Anti-Nepotism Statute at 28
U.S.C.  458.

The 8th Circus lies to Congress, falsifying the number of Complaints
filed and responds that this is a problem for the legislature. Is it not
true that it wouldn't matter anyway, as today's Federal Judiciary simply
ignores the Congress with impunity and writes law on its own?

In our "caste-system legal system", like England's in 1066, there are two
sets of rules today: one for me and my family and regular Americans, and
another set of rules for the privileged elite like Richard and Morris
Arnold and the lawyers and judges crowded into this hearing this morning.
Can any of you explain to me how and why our magnificent system of
constitutional government has degenerated into the nightmare I've been
living for over seven years? Can any of you tell me the last time a
federal judge was impeached for trampling the rights of an American?

Let me repeat this for emphasis and clarity-- Richard and Morris Arnold
sit in willful, premeditated violation of the very law they swore an oath
to uphold. Of course, regular folks like me know that the 745 Federal
Judges in America can't be bothered with petty annoyances like having to
obey statutes passed by Congress. Those are for peasants like me and my
family and millions of other Americans, not our "modern Mandarin" ruling
elite like the Arnolds and their privileged friends.

Do you really wonder why lawyers and judges are held in such contempt and
derision today? Do you really ponder why respect for the law and the
judges who are to impartially administer the law has vanished with nary a
trace? May I brazenly suggest to you that you might consider waking up
and smelling the coffee?

If you recall, the violation of the judge's oath of office is grounds for
impeachment. Henry Hyde and Orrin Hatch have been told by hundreds and
hundreds of Americans of the situation regarding the Arnold Brothers in
St. Louis at the 8th Circus. Hatch and Hyde just laugh in our faces or
worse, they simply ignore us. They're obviously just too busy to be
concerned with the affairs of peasants. Can any of you tell me why this

Now I want you to understand that I believe Richard Arnold and his
brother Morris belong on the bench. They belong on the bench awaiting
their turn to use the telephone in the Maximum Security Wing of the
Federal Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois, where they ought to be for
suborning perjury, fraud and obstruction of justice. You see, after 23
hours in lock-down, you only get one hour out to use the telephone and
you have to wait on the bench for your turn . . .

Of course, we all know, even if the Arnold Brothers' fraud is exposed and
they are removed, they'll keep their fat pensions and their freedoms,
remaining members in good standing of the American Bar Association. Can
anyone tell me why? Do you think per chance Mr. Cooper will explain to us
how the corrupt do always seem to find a way of protecting their own?

In the last year, the number of 28 U.S.C.  372(c)(1) Complaints For
Judicial Misconduct against the egregious conduct I and countless other
Americans have experienced in the Federal District and Appellate Courts
has skyrocketed. Corrupt judges dismiss all 372's, lie to Congress about
the number filed and Henry Hyde and Orrin Hatch are too busy playing
footsie with the Judiciary to care a whit about those they pretend to
serve. Can any of you explain this to me?

Do they refuse to protect the rights of Americans so they won't risk
annoying the Federal Judiciary?

We the people create jokes when we are powerless to rectify situations
like you have willfully perpetrated upon us. You know what call a lawyer
with an IQ of 61? Federal Judge. You know what you call a lawyer with an
IQ of 41? Federal Appellate Court Judge.

The Federal Judges' oath of office at 28 U.S.C.  453(a) comes to us from
ancient precedents. It is found in the Sacred Texts at DEUTERONOMY
1:16-17 and LEVITICUS 19: 15. In 1983, Congress codified our national
need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures in our
everyday life. Today, in the hands of judges the likes of Wrong and the
Arnold Brothers the Judicial Oath is a cruel joke made on the very people
whose taxes pay the six figure salaries of these politically connected
ambulance-chasers. Can any of you justify this to me and my family?

Here in the 7th Circus the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary, written by
lawyers who litigate in this circuit describes the 7th by saying "[I]f
there's bad law to be made, they will make it, in terms of being
pro-government in criminal cases and pro big-business, or status quo in
civil cases".

Where in our Constitution does the judiciary obtain its power to make

Will Judge Posner explain to all of us why a non-lawyer litigant in the
7th Circuit was sanctioned over $2,000 for raising a constitutional
question which the District Court and the 7th refused to address? Mr
Justice White, you may read it for yourself. Allegedly, Judge Posner
wrote that decision, although the evidence already before this commission
suggests that is a bald-faced lie.

Reversing a criminal conviction on Constitutional Law grounds is an
exercise in futility for even the most learned and skilled litigator, as
the entire 7th Circus panel suffers from first degree cognitive
dissonance. Can any of you explain to me why 7th Circus judges, like most
Federal Judges, either can't read plain English or, if they can read,
they don't understand plain English?

Can anyone here explain to me why the 7th, in Briscoe v LaHue, decided
that cops intentionally lying under oath are exempt from suit for
perjury? Can anyone here explain to me why the Supremes in Briscoe upheld
this intentional rewriting of the statutes passed by Congress?

At least one Federal Judge in America has the stones and conscience to
agree with me. Read Judge Fong's opinion at In Re Grand Jury Proceedings,
707 F.Supp, 1207, 1215-16 (D. Hawaii 1989).

The Supreme Court, before it went on West Publishing Co.'s gravy train,
noted similar abuses in the courts below. Here's their warning that I

"Sheriffs having eyes to see, see not; judges having ears to hear, hear
not; witnesses conceal the truth or falsify it . . . All the apparatus
and machinery of civil government, all the processes of justice, skulk
away as if government and justice were crimes and feared detection. Among
the most dangerous things an injured party can do is to appeal to

Mitchum v Foster, 92 S.Ct. 2151, 2161 (1972)

I know firsthand those dangers. And while the lawyers in this room
snicker and the judges on this panel stare off into space, the
destruction of our republic by an out-of-control Federal Judiciary, "the
Imperial Judiciary" as Jefferson called it, continues apace.

Jefferson's 200 year old warnings ring true today, as the last pro se
litigant raped by some ignorant Appellate Panel in this building will
explain. There is nothing new under the sun . . . .

Kilgore wrote in Judicial Tyranny, "Tyranny cannot come to America until
judges become intellectually dishonest". Honored members of this
commission, tyranny is here!!

In closing, I ask you a favor. I'd like you to get us one day before both
the Senate and House Judiciary Committees. Just Americans injured by this
system. No lawyers. This nation is filled with non-lawyer litigants whose
rights are trampled daily by corrupt, intellectually dishonest and
morally bankrupt judges. We'd like to give Congress one more opportunity
to serve we the people, before America plunges headlong into the anarchy
and civil war which always result when corruption replaces justice.

Our "caste-system legal system" only serves to enrich you who operate it.
If a citizen, especially a pro se litigant, is treated fairly and justice
is served, the system broke down and something went terribly, terribly
wrong. I have fought for my rights for over seven years. I'm not making
generalizations, I speak from hard experience. I now realize I have no

Can you explain to me why the Constitution, in the hands corrupt jurists
like Scott All Wrong, the Arnold Brothers and most all other Federal
Judges, is merely a list of suggestions, to be considered at the whim and
caprice of judges?

If I had a bar ticket; if I belonged to the correct Masonic Lodge, my
problem would have been fixed just hours after its inception.  Can any
of you learned members of this panel explain this to me?

Please permit to leave you with a quote from Samuel Adams to say a short
prayer for you all.

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude
better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.
We ask not your counsels nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands
which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity
forget that ye were our countrymen."

And I leave this imprecatory prayer for you:

YHVH, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of my forefathers and Creator
of the Universe, strike down each and every member of this commission
should they shirk their responsibilities to clean up the whorehouse
nightmare into which our corrupt legal system has degenerated. If they
refuse to heed Psalm 20 and Psalm 58, sweep them from out of this land,
they and all their families with them. Show them the exact same mercies
that their corrupt cronies show American litigants across this land every
day. Remove the memory of them from among us but leave us the memory of
their crimes. Let their accursed respect of persons in judgment which
they have allowed and aided to creep over America like the stench of
death be lifted and cast off into the outer darkness after them. And let
YOUR judgment and dealing with them in this life stand as a reminder to
the jurists who follow them of the penalty YOU will mete should they also
be deluded into violating YOUR STATUTES and our unalienable rights. To
those on this panel whose hands are clean, show them YOUR mercy and
loving kindness. To those whose corrupt deeds of omission and commission
and extra judicial oaths are worked in secret, let their astonished eyes
watch as YOU mete out justice that is swift and retribution that is
final. May the choice this commission makes this day honor YHVH and honor
each and every one of you.

Now that I have asked all these questions of you, I'll be pleased to
answer your questions of me.

[As my full statement was not permitted, the honored judges had no


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